Pegasus Technologies CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Seth Motes

In this episode of Pegasus Technologies’ Meet the Team video interview series, CEO Matthew Tucker interviews Systems Administrator Seth Motes.

Pegasus: Hello everyone and thank you for joining us at another meet the employee. Today, we have Seth with us. Hello, Seth. How are you doing today?

Seth Motes: Good. How about you?

Pegasus: Doing well, thank you. Seth, you’ve been with us now for right about six months. Is that right?

Seth: Yes, that’s correct. November of 2020.

Pegasus: Great. Excellent. Welcome and everything I hear you’re doing a fantastic job, so thank you for joining the team.

Seth: It’s been great and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Pegasus: Excellent. Let’s start off with want to just give everybody a little bit of background as to who Seth is.

Seth: Well, I was born in South Carolina and when I was about a month and a half old my family moved up here. My dad moved up here for work. I grew up in Downingtown. I’ve been pretty local for my entire life. I got married in 2018. My wife and I are expecting our first little one. We’re gonna have a little girl and she’s due at the end of July of this year.

Pegasus: Congratulations.

Seth: About that, thank you very much. We’ve got an English bulldog named Jack and two cats Lillian pixel.

Pegasus: I know you had an English bulldog. I have an English bulldog named Aria.

Seth: Oh, do you?

Pegasus: Yes. After this, we’re just going to share some pictures.

Seth: Yes, absolutely.

Pegasus: We will also share the horror stories that come with owning Bulldogs.

Seth: Oh yeah Bulldogs, they are very needy but they’re worth it.

Pegasus: Yes, they are. Now comes the fun part, the part that everybody looks forward to and that’s the random questions from your peers. I cannot be held responsible for them, so you just have to grin and bear it. All right.

Seth: All right, I’m ready.

Pegasus: You got to soft one for you. What would be a perfect day for you?

Seth: Oh, a perfect day for me? Oh my goodness. It would definitely involve dirt bikes in some way. That’s my favorite hobby to do. A perfect day would probably be something along the lines of riding with my dad and brothers and then probably like a grill-out family party or something family and friends.

Seth: Yes, something like that. It would be a great day.

Pegasus: Alright. Here’s another one that’s just nice. They must have been in their good moods on this one. For what in your life, do you feel most grateful for?

Seth: Definitely my wife Courtney. She’s not a thing but she would be what I’m most grateful for on this earth. Besides that, I’m thankful for a lot of things.

Pegasus: Your wife definitely may not want to put a second one in there after you say your wife.

Seth: Yes, I’m just going to stick to that. Yeah, she’s definitely the winner

Pegasus: Excellent. Which app do you use on your phone the most?

Seth: Well, I can guess, I can actually check.

Pegasus: You know, we can go for it.

Seth: Probably be just Google Chrome. Just the web browser constantly using my phone to look stuff up. I would guess that would be it.

Pegasus: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Seth: Seaweed.

Pegasus: Seaweed?

Seth: Yes.

Pegasus: Sea seaweed or like in a can or a plastic container seaweed.

Seth: It was almost similar to a granola bar wrapper. We unwrapped it. We got told that it tasted fine and it basically just tasted like seawater. I did not like it.

Pegasus: All right.

Seth: It was very green, like spinach green and crunchy because it was dried out. Just basically tasted like the ocean. That’s all I can explain it. That’s definitely weird.

Pegasus: Have you ever owned an exotic or dangerous animal?

Seth: No. Unfortunately, I would love to own a big cat, though. I’m a cat person so I would love to own a bobcat or even a tiger or something like that one day. If it whatever was possible.

Pegasus: I think there was one around Houston. You could have gone and got.

Seth: If I ever see one, I’m definitely going to try to capture it and not tell anybody about that. It’ll probably kill me, but yes.

Pegasus: What would your weapon of choice be in a zombie apocalypse?

Seth: Hmm, I mean, good old AR-15 probably as long as ammo was around. If there was no ammo, I like negan’s baseball bat from Walking Dead if you’ve ever seen that. That was a good weapon.

Pegasus: Great. Yes, that one certainly got it. It’s time in the spotlight. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Seth: It definitely still be the United States. I love the United States, but to be completely honest with you, it would probably be wherever my family is. If we’re here, then this is where I’d probably want to be. I can’t think of a location that I would go “Yes, I definitely pick there over here.” With all the COVID stuff, Texas or Florida would probably attract me at the moment but other than that. Wherever my family is, that’s where I want to be.

Pegasus: All right. Good. Do you think tattoos must have a meaning behind them? Or is it okay to simply have a piece of art?

Seth: I think personally, for me, if I got a tattoo, it would have to have some kind of significant meaning. That’s just how I am. It doesn’t bother me if people just want to get a tattoo that that’s just art. I would only want one for myself if it had some kind of significant meaning behind it personally. But to each his own.

Pegasus: Yes. Good. Okay. What’s your favorite sport to watch live or on TV?

Seth: Well, if you consider Motocross a sport, then that would be it. But for traditional American Sports, football would definitely be the winner there.

Pegasus: Excellent. Okay, final one here, you’re almost through it. If animals could talk, which would be the rudest.

Seth: Oh man, I’m sure a big cat would be pretty rude.

Pegasus: Cats are generally rude, to begin with, right?

Seth: I feel like that’s an answer that everybody would say. I’m trying to think of something else, that would probably be pretty rude. I feel like snakes would probably be pretty rude and also raccoons for some reason. They seem like they would be very rude.

Pegasus: Hey. Well, Seth, thanks for being a good sport. Thank you for your six months, and we look forward to many more to come and welcome aboard. Again thank you everybody and Seth for sharing. See you now.

Seth: Yes.