Disaster Discussions: How to Create a Network Disaster Recovery Plan

Are you prepared for a disaster?

IT disasters happen, but they don’t have to be catastrophic. If you’re prepared for them, mitigating damage is no big deal. Recovery can be made predictable and straightforward, which is exactly what you need for your business. 

If you’re not sure how to get started with your network disaster recovery plan, you’re not alone. Plenty of people never plan and end up in heaps of trouble later. That’s why now is the time to learn.

Keep reading and get ready to take notes. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a network disaster recovery plan. 

Consult With Professionals to Find Your Weaknesses

Consulting with a managed IT services provider to help assess where you need extra protection can help you prepare for a disaster and set certain safety measures in place.

With their help, you’re going to be looking for the primary weaknesses within your system.  You also need to consider the major features that you can not go without. These are the areas that are going to need the most protection and attention while you’re doing your planning.

Go through each level of importance in your IT system to determine the levels at which different things need to be protected or restored in the event of an emergency.

Perform a Risk Assessment

After you’ve figured out the order of how things need to be restored and protected, consider the network disasters that you’re preparing for. 

You want to consider worst-case scenarios as well as mild IT disasters. You can also categorize each event by probability and impact on the company. For example, a tornado may have a relatively low probability, but the impact would be high.

Determine Recovery Objectives

Businesses have different needs, and those needs will dictate the recovery objectives. Network disaster recovery plans have to be customized to the specific business. If it’s important for your business to get only certain applications up and running immediately, while others can wait, that’s an important thing to plan for. 

This allows you to know ahead of time what to prioritize so you’re able to get back to running your business (even if it’s not at its full potential) while the recovery may still be in process.

Regularly Back Up Your Network Information

Having regular backups is an old-fashioned but tried and true way to help protect against network disaster. 

While having a network disaster recovery plan is essential, performing regular backups will allow you and your managed IT services provider to more easily return your network to working condition. 

Do You Have a Network Disaster Recovery Plan?

Not being prepared for disaster won’t stop a disaster from happening. Having a network disaster recovery plan can help you avoid damage and get back to work quickly. It’s an essential part of running a business and keeping your network safe. 

If you need help with your network disaster recovery plan, or you’re interested in managed IT services for your business, contact us for more information. 

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