How to Protect Vet Records From a Data Breach

Data breaches. They are always a concern when we are using the internet. If you are the victim of one, it can flip your life upside down.

Unfortunately, this problem is all too common. Last year, there were over 422 million victims of data breaches.

If you own a vet clinic, you are likely worried about your vet records being exposed.

What can you do to protect yourself from a veterinary clinic data breach? Here are a few tips.

Assign Someone to the Task

Something that you should do is have someone dedicated to online security for vet patient records. This does not have to be someone who does all the coding and other IT services. However, it should be someone with knowledge in this area and who can direct communication between employees and owners.

This will also help you ensure you have eyes and a dedicated team invested in this matter at all times. So, if there is ever an issue with your online security, you know who to turn to.

Take More Measures

Another thing that you can do is step up your online security. Let’s face it; if you own a veterinary clinic, you likely have to take down a lot of personal information for people’s pets. As a result, hackers could get tempted to steal that information and use it to their advantage.

You have to make it harder for them to get in. Using a VPN could be a good start. Or, simply having anti-virus software on your computer could force them to take an extra step.

Currently, 33% of people have computers infected with malicious software. Take active steps to help your vet clinic avoid becoming part of that 33%.

Outsource Your Online Security

Finally, if you do not have confidence in your IT skills and do not believe anybody on your staff can handle this on their own, you may need to turn to outside help. Thankfully, you do have options if you want to go this route.

One of your best options could be to outsource your entire IT department. If you hire an outside company for this, they can offer 24/7 customer support, set up cloud mitigation, create a backup data plan, and more.

In this scenario, you could leave the job to professionals.

Protect Your Vet Records

You need to take these steps to protect your vet records if you own a vet clinic. When it comes to people’s pets, you are dealing with many owners’ personal information. It is your responsibility to protect that information.

You need to assign a staff member to be in charge of this department, increase your online security, or even outsource your IT department if you do not think you have the skills and tools in-house.

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