Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Brandon Wample

In this part of our Meet the Team series, where we get to know the staff of Pegasus Technologies better, CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Systems Administrator Brandon Wample. Below is the transcription from this interview.

Matthew Tucker: All right. Hello, everyone. I would like to welcome you to another edition of our meet the employee with the CEO. Today, we have Brandon. Welcome, Brandon. How are you today?

Brandon Wample: I am doing pretty good, man. Thank you.

Matthew: Awesome. Great. So, Brandon, you are about to hit one year with Pegasus. That is about right, right?

Brandon: Yeah, just about probably, next month. I am pretty sure.

Matthew: That is what I got on the paper. So you started off at help desk, but quickly within a couple of months, you were promoted to a team and on the tier two position. So congratulations. That comes in showing your value and you are rewarded so that I congratulate you.

Brandon: Yeah, I appreciate the encouragement we had.

Matthew: Right. Excellent. So why do not you just start off? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Brandon: I have been working in a helpdesk slash tech role for the past seven years, or so. Getting knowledge here and there where I can a lot of break fix stuff. Just — It’s been a ride. That is for sure the past few years.

Matthew: Past year has been really weird, right? I am sure [chuckles].

Brandon: That is definitely for sure.

Matthew: Good. Great. So, all right. So now we get into the fun part, which I have got some questions about here. So you know, do not blame me. These were provided.

Brandon: All right.

Matthew: On with them. So we start it off. If you want a trip to go anywhere on Earth, where would you go?

Brandon: Well, right now, I would probably want to go to Hawaii.

Matthew: I know. Away from people. Quiet [chuckles].

Brandon: Away from people, quiet and it is not going to be cold there right now [laughter].

Matthew: That is true. You are not a fan of the cold?

Brandon: It is not — I do not mind the cold but getting some sun would be nice too.

Matthew: All right [crosstalk].

Brandon: You know, some once.

Matthew: All right. Let us go to the next one. What is the number one item you would save from your house if it were on fire?

Brandon: [breaths deeply] [pauses] I mean, I do not know if you consider my car.

Matthew: Okay.

Brandon: Anything from my house.

Matthew: Right.

Brandon: If not, then my computer [chuckles].

Matthew: All right. Yeah, I have also thought about grabbing my you know, make sure I know where my computer is all the time, so I can grab it if I have to.

Brandon: Right.

Matthew: Have you ever been thrown or banned from a public place? For an out or banned from a public place?

Brandon: I cannot say that I have.

Matthew: Okay.

Brandon: I have been told to leave the park, but it was closing at that time, so.

Matthew: All right. That is fair. So I would not ask the why because you just kind of gave it. That is it.

Brandon: [chuckles]

Matthew: That should — If you would describe yourself in five words, what five words would you use?

Brandon: Average, friendly, kind, intelligent, and…

Matthew: I will say, you are pretty cool. We will go away.

Brandon: Okay.

Matthew: Okay.

Brandon: [chuckles] All right.

Matthew: I have got it cool.

Brandon: All right.

Matthew: What is something your parents or friends who would [chuckles] warn you, or warn us about you?

Brandon: I am a pretty quiet person.

Matthew: Okay.

Brandon: It is me.

Matthew: Good. Okay. What is your go-to dance move?

Brandon: Probably, just head-banging.

Matthew: Can we see it? [chuckles] All right, that is good [laughter]. Why did you — Very quick one, but make it simple. Why did you get into the technology field?

Brandon: I have always just kind of been interested in technology. Used to go to computer shows with my dad, growing up, and kind of was the spark for me.

Matthew: All right. Good. If you had to compare yourself to one fictional character. Who would it be?

Brandon: So I want to say like Bruce Banner.

Matthew: Okay. All right. Good. All right, so in closing, we are going to do an exercise here.

Brandon: Okay.

Matthew: I am going to show you a picture and I want you to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.

Brandon: All right [chuckles]. Faith.

Matthew: Faith. All right. One more.

Brandon: An island of some sort.

Matthew: All right. Hey, well, that was good. That is pretty much all the questions, Brandon. And first of all or less, I would like to thank you again for being cool and a really great guy to work with and I know our clients are big fans, and as is the staff, so thanks for being part of the team, and we look forward to the years to come.

Brandon: Yeah. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Matthew: All right. Thank you.