Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Dean Claypool

Below is a transcription of Pegasus Technologies most recent installment of “Meet the Team,” where our very own Matthew Tucker interviews Dean Claypool.

Matthew: Hello everyone. We welcome you to another edition of our meet team with the CEO interview. Today, we have Dean and we are going to be talking to Dean and ask him some of the fun questions that have been prepared for him. How are you doing today?

Dean: I am doing pretty good.

Matthew: Good. Excellent. You celebrated six years in August. Congratulations and it is a nice milestone for you.

Dean: Thank you.

Matthew: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Dean?

Dean: Who is Dean, well I started here six years ago and I quickly became one of the founding members of the MS Department here. Outside of work, I enjoy gardening and baking.

Matthew: Excellent. All right, Let us dive into the fun questions here. So, first one up is if you could magically become famous, what would you be famous for?

Dean: Oh my God, magically become famous. Maybe I would become famous for magic.

Matthew: A magician. That is a good one. Let us move on here. Which meal is your favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Dean: Breakfast.

Matthew: Any specific type of food you like for breakfast?

Dean: It is all good.

Matthew: Everything, all of it.

Dean: Waffles, bacon. There is probably not much of a breakfast food that I do not like.

Matthew: It is the most important meal of the day too, right?

Dean: As they say.

Matthew: Which phone app do you use the most?

Dean: Which phone app that I use the most? Probably just the texting app.

Matthew: The text messages. A lot of people use email a lot, never get away from it.

Dean: Yes. I preferred it.

Matthew: If you could– sorry?

Dean: I prefer the app.

Matthew: If you could have an exotic animal as a pet, what would it be?

Dean: An exotic animal as a pet? I have got enough pets but maybe a mountain cat or wild cat or something like that. I have enough regular cats.

Matthew: So a big cat then.

Dean: Yes, a big cat.

Matthew: So we will call you tiger Dean now?

Dean: Yes, tiger Dean. I will be the Tiger King. Grow my beard and my hair long.

Matthew: Just don’t go to prison.

Dean: Okay.

Matthew: What was your very first paid job?

Dean: My very first paid job? Probably Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.

Matthew: In New Jersey?

Dean: Yes.

Matthew: What did you do with Great Adventure?

Dean: I worked in the food service flipping burgers.

Matthew: Do you have free passes?

Dean: You get a couple of year and I could go in as many times as I want and anytime I want.

Matthew: Great. Here is a good one. Why are the numbers of a calculator in a phone reversed?

Dean: I do not know. Maybe it is better than the other.

Matthew: I do not know the answer. I was hoping you would because it is confusing.

Dean: Honestly, I never paid attention to it. The lower numbers at the top.

Matthew: Yes, complete opposite. There is some homework for you. We will get that answer back.

Dean: Okay

Matthew: What is your favorite family tradition?

Dean: Favorite family tradition, probably just the meals at holidays and getting together.

Matthew: Getting everyone together for the meals.

Dean: It is cool.

Matthew: What, if anything, would make you walk out in the middle of a movie?

Dean: What if anything, if it is really gross, I guess.

Matthew: Have you ever walked out in the middle movie?

Dean: I do not think I have. There have been a few that I have shut the video off. I could not take it.

Matthew: I just want to point out to the audience that one of your wild cats just walked behind you on video.

Dean: Okay.

Matthew: I can rewind it but it was it was quite frightening because it stopped and looked at you. There it is again.

Dean: There it is.

Matthew: What is the best vacation you have ever taken and why?

Dean: My best vacation I have ever taken. I went once at Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was the year just after the hurricane at Fourth of July that came through and we had booked the week after the Fourth of July. So we had the regular pricing but they actually put postponed other July celebrations. So we got to enjoy and all that and it is just a great time.

Matthew: All right. Here is the last one for you. This is going to take some brain power. Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?

Dean: Yes.

Matthew: They do.

Dean: They do.

Matthew: All right. You already knew that then.

Dean: I already knew that.

Matthew: Most people stop and think and start singing.

Dean: I have a kid, so there…

Matthew: You have heard them both a lot.

Dean: Heard them both a lot.

Matthew: Excellent. Dean, thanks for being a good sport. Thanks for everything you do here at Pegasus. You are doing a great job in the Managed Services Department and really appreciate having you here and let us do this again in six more years.

Dean: Okay. Great.

Matthew: Thanks Dean. See you.

Dean: Bye.