Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Rainey Winters

In this part of our Meet the Team series, where we get to know the staff of Pegasus Technologies better, CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Systems Administrator Rainey Winters.  Rainey Winters holds an Associates Degree in Computer Networking and is Cisco CCENT certified. He enjoys going to rock concerts and seeing friends (pre-pandemic), as well as watching movies, walking his dog Charlie (Labrador mix), and riding his motorcycle.

Fast Facts:
Favorite local restaurant: Miss Oxford Diner
Dream vacation: Japan or a return to the UK
Favorite band: Stone Sour
Last concert: MMR*B*Q
Check out the full transcribed interview below.

Matt Tucker: Alright. Hello everybody. Welcome to another edition of our Meet Employees with the CEO. I am Matt Tucker. Today, I have Rainey with us. Rainey seems to be joining us somewhere in the Milky Way. So welcome, Rainey, how are you?

Rainey Winters: Yeah, thank you. I am doing great. How are you doing?

Matt: Great. Great. Rainey, you have been with us for a little over a year and a half. I think March is your anniversary for two years. That sounds about right?

Rainey: That is it.

Matt: Why do you not take a minute and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rainey: Well, busy working retail Staples as their version of Geek Squad EasyTech with an MST, then did a contract work for a large financial firm. Then I am, yeah, I found myself here.

Matt: Oh, glad to have you.

Rainey: Oh, thank you.

Matt: So, all right. We are going to get into the fun part now which are the canned questions here that some of which I did not make up so you cannot hold me responsible for. All right. So what would your first decision be if you were elected president? How timely is this one!

Rainey: Oh. Give everybody four-day workweeks.

Matt: Four-day workweek, eight hours a day?

Rainey: Yeah, it will be fun maybe if like six hours. It is a bit of a break.

Matt: I will work on that here at Pegasus and see what I could do more. If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose?

Rainey: Oh, probably, either flight or teleportation.

Matt: Yeah, being able to fly would pretty cool, I have to say.

Rainey: That pretty is.

Matt: Yeah. Alright, good. Here is a really good one. It is going to make you think. If you put a chameleon in a room full of mirrors, what color would it change?

Rainey: I will say probably green. It is all green. That is all it see is. Maybe he can be silver or something.

Matt: Transparent, I was thinking. Do you have any superstitions?

Rainey: I do not call it superstition, but I find myself buying things instead of two sometimes.

Matt: Socks and shoes. That works, right?

Rainey: Yeah, pretty much. You know, rule number one, always have a backup, just in case.

Matt: Oh, all right, cool. If you had the power to, which fictional character would you bring to real life?

Rainey: Oh. I always thought Nightcrawler was pretty cool from X-Men.

Matt: Okay, back to the superhero.

Rainey: Yeah. What fictional character? I do not know anyone else really.

Matt: It works, that works. What is something weird that you recommend everyone to try at least once?

Rainey: I am a huge fan of sushi. I think eel sushi should definitely be tried at least once.

Matt: All right, Uni is another one that I think everybody needs to try once. That is a little weird. Yeah, it is either like it or you do not. What do you prefer, the city, the countryside, woods, beach or mountains?

Rainey: Probably, either between the countryside or woods. Both of them is as far the kind of outside.

Matt: Yeah, sure, understood.

Matt: If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?

Rainey: It is going to be a little bit smaller towards the center, but I will say yes.

Matt: I had to look this one up when I saw it. Actually, you do. You do own it technically all the way to the center. Then you actually own it all the way up into the atmosphere as well. There is a lot of rules around it.

Rainey: Oh, wow.

Matt: Yeah. I know. I thought that was weird. I think it is so you can build buildings tall, but there are some regulations like you cannot stop planes flying over the airspace that you own. But yes, you do own it to the center of the earth.

Rainey: Okay.

Matt: Who would you most like to sit next to on a ten-hour flight and why?

Rainey: You know what, I always say Will Smith.

Matt: Yeah, silly boy.

Rainey: Yeah. He seems a little pretty good guy or even Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. That would be good.

Matt: Yeah, if you had Will Smith you certainly could talk about I Am Legend and try to figure out how he was curing the disease. Again, another timely person to sit next to in today?

Rainey: Right.

Matt: We got one last one here for you. In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?

Rainey: How much time do we get?

Matt: Yeah, just the one sentence.

Rainey: One sentence? Give me everything.

Matt: Yeah, that is good. Perfect. Well, Rainey, I do appreciate you being a good sport and coming on today, and thank you again for your hard work at Pegasus. We will share this out there, but I get to know you a little bit better. Have a great day.

Rainey: All right. You too. Thanks.