Ransomware Defense Strategies for Cloud-Based Businesses

Did you know that ransomware is involved in around 25% of all cybersecurity breaches? Ransomware attacks can potentially have a devastating impact on your company. That said, if you take ransomware defense seriously, you can escape the worst damage.

So what do you need to know to keep your company safe? This article gives some of the most important aspects of ransomware defense you should be aware of.

Robust Backup Systems

A robust backup system is one of the most important things you’ll need to protect your business data. The best backup systems involve storing your files in multiple locations. Consider having one of your data backups onsite and another separate system offsite.

This ensures you’ll always have a backup system to roll back to in the event of a ransomware attack. When you properly back up your systems, you can quickly restore all your company files.

With a good backup system, you could get hit by ransomware in the morning and have your company up and running by the afternoon. This makes data backups possibly the best defense strategy against ransomware attacks.

Network Segmentation

If you’re running a large cloud-based business, you may want to consider network segmentation as a form of ransomware defense. The way it works is simple; you divide your network into smaller, isolated segments.

If a criminal manages to breach one part of your network, they won’t be able to access any other part of your business. Careful segmentation based on what people need to do their jobs can ensure a segmented network without impacting worker efficiency.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Another way you can protect your company data is through multi-factor authentication. This is when you need to verify your login with an additional method. For example, you might send a text message to a phone number with a unique code. You could even use something like a biometric system.

Ransomware attacks often exploit weak or stolen login credentials. If you have a robust two-factor authentication system, a stolen password won’t be enough for criminals to access your servers.

Employee Education

Do your employees know how to avoid a phishing scam? Do they know how to identify social engineering? Without proper awareness training, the answer is most likely no.

The only solution is to have regular cybersecurity awareness and training sessions. The only way to truly keep your company safe from cyber attacks is to have an educated and aware workforce.

Of course, you can’t just have a single awareness day and call it a day. Cyber threats constantly evolve, so staff training must be continuously renewed and refreshed.

Establish Your Ransomware Defense

To implement a successful defense strategy, you must combine technological solutions with awareness training for your workforce.

Ransomware attacks can be devastating, but you can keep your organization protected with the right security features.

The best way to ensure protection is to work with a professional IT company. If you’re looking for such a company in Pennsylvania, contact us today.