The 3 Undeniable Reasons Why Nonprofits Need IT Service Providers

In this growing world of technology, virtually every type of business needs to look into having the proper IT services. Nonprofits are no exception!

However, most small nonprofits can exhaust their funding for technology rather quickly and skimp on the security that they need. This guide is to show you how IT service providers can keep your company running, and where to look to find them!

1. Control Costs

MSP stands for Managed Service Providers! If you are a nonprofit, we highly recommend outsourcing your IT work to a designated MSP.

MSPs will bill you based on your devices, your usage, and your level of needed support. This system is going to save you money in the long run and help maintain the level of security you need for your day-to-day business.

Many companies that don’t have time to research the perfect IT solutions or train an in-house IT team end up spending way more money than they need to by not outsourcing.

We understand that personality plays a large role in nonprofits, which is why at Pegasus Technologies we have a service called Match-IT. With this service, we will match our IT professionals with both your IT needs and make sure it is a good fit personality-wise!

2. Ensure Security

With the rise of business happening in the digital world comes the rise of digital threats. Digital fundraising, digital marketing, company data, intellectual property, and personal emails are all at risk.

Each one of these aspects needs to be protected, and an MSP is going to be able to narrow down these needs to your specific company!

Additionally, the right IT professional is going to have a plan in place for if something does go wrong, known as a disaster recovery plan. With experts on your team, what could cause a business to close its doors ends up being just a blip on the radar. 

3. Optimize Technology and System Processes

One reason not to overlook an IT service provider is that they are able to optimize your technology! An IT service provider is going to make sure you have the right equipment, hardware and software, to make your business thrive.

They are also going to make sure that you aren’t going overboard in your technology costs, which can save the less-than-tech-savvy businesses a small fortune in yearly costs.

Technology at its core was created to make our lives easier and this allows businesses to be more innovative! Nonprofits need these same tools to make their companies thrive and reach as many people as possible. Technology is transformative.

Choose Your IT Service Providers Today

There are a ton of IT service providers out there, but they are not all equal.

When finding an IT service provider for your specific company needs, make sure that they are experienced and reputable.

Pegasus Technologies likes to go the extra mile and match your business personality with our IT team. Outsourcing work can be scary for tight-knit work cultures, which is why we pair technology providers to add to this overall community, not take away from it.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us! We are here to help.