What is the Biggest Threat to You and Your Data?

What do you think the biggest threat to your data is? Yourself? Employees? The biggest threat to you and your data is you and your people. No matter how big of security defenses and stuff you can put in, if somebody invites somebody bad into your network, it can happen.

That is why Pegasus Technologies offers 2 powerful solutions to keep your business safe.

  1. Cyber Security Audits
  2. Cyber Security Training for Employees

Cyber Security Audits

Small to mid-sized (SMBs) companies are faced with new challenges everyday in cyber-security. Not only are they targeted more than larger companies, but they also have smaller budgets to combat the security threats. And since smaller organizations depend greatly on the trust they build with their clientele, when a data breach does occur, the ripple effect is far-reaching  — a damaged reputation can fold a small business in the blink of an eye. Our cyber security audits committee specializes in the day to day risk management of companies just like yours, and our comprehensive checklist is just the beginning.

Cyber Security Training for Employees

No business is ever completely safe from cybercrime. Hackers find more sophisticated ways to break into systems, steal data, and disguise their threats to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses. How does a growing business keep up with so many security challenges? You turn to your cyber security experts at Pegasus Technologies! Our cyber security training is not only thorough and up-to-date, but it also puts the control back into the hands of your organization — because firewalls alone are no longer enough. We train your employees to think of their proactive security efforts as the “human firewall.”

The benefits of cyber security awareness training are clear:

  •         Reduce malware infections
  •         Reduce data loss
  •         Reduce Help-Desk tickets
  •         Reduce re-imaging of machines
  •         Increase user productivity
  •         Increase ROI in time, reputation, & dollars
  •         Increase security awareness across all users
  •         Increase industry-lead compliance