When’s the Last Time You’ve Done a Software Audit?

software audit identifies weaknesses in the software system(s) your business uses. Software auditors can uncover places where your software is not working properly. They can also help prevent costly cybersecurity breaches.

Some businesses employ software audit management departments to oversee this duty. Other companies prefer to outsource to a third-party business specializing in software auditing.

There are benefits to both of these strategies. However, we recommend hiring a third party to help save costs on audits. We will talk more about what types of companies and individuals offer these services in a moment.

But first, we want to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about software audits. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of audits, how often you should have them done, and much more.

Are There Advantages to Auditing Software?

There are countless benefits to getting regular software audits. For example, frequently auditing the software used at your business can:

  • Ensure quality maintenance
  • Streamlining operations
  • Adhering to regulatory requirements

Audits can also help reduce costs. Your auditor can identify unneeded seats, reducing software licensing fees. Plus, regular audits may extend the lifetime of your software, eliminating the need for future replacements or repairs.

How Often Should You Audit Software?

Businesses should ideally conduct routine software audits annually. If your software systems are mission-critical to your business operations, consider bringing in an auditor twice a year or more.

There are other times to consider getting a software audit. For example, say you are deploying new software at your company. Another situation would be if you are developing software and want to identify bugs or weaknesses.

Who Do You Hire to Conduct a Software Audit?

As mentioned, you can outsource or insource software auditing. Most small businesses can not afford the cost of an in-house auditing team. This is especially true if you only need a few software audits per year.

The exact third-party tech audit provider you need depends on the type of audit you need.

What Type of Audit Do You Need?

Service providers generally distinguish between a few different types of software audits, including:

  1. Software cybersecurity audits
  2. Software quality audits
  3. Software usability audits
  4. Software accessibility audits

Some providers may specialize in all these areas. However, their breadth means they may lack the depth needed to audit your software comprehensively.

Instead, you should first identify which type of audit you need. Then, look for a third-party company specializing in it.

At Pegasus Technologies, we specialize in cybersecurity. We offer cybersecurity audits to help businesses like yours identify potential vulnerabilities in software systems. That way, you can prevent costly breaches in your organization.

Let Pegasus Technologies Lend You a Hand

A software audit is essential to protecting your systems and employees. Ideally, your organization should perform 1–2 audits per year. That way, you can identify and solve vulnerabilities before they become a major pain point.

Are you searching for an IT expert to help with annual cybersecurity audits at your business? Pegasus Technologies supplements IT needs at small businesses like yours. Contact us today to learn more about our expert services.