Why You Need Top Notch Cloud Storage Security

Why You Need Top Notch Cloud Storage Security

Be secure in the cloud

Opting to store your data in a server room proved to be too expensive and takes up much-needed office space, so you went with the cloud storage option.

According to the Netoskype Cloud Report, 15 percent of corporate users have had their credentials compromised.

Don’t let your business become another statistic. Keep reading to learn why you need top notch cloud storage security.

McAfee estimates that cybercrime extracts between 15% and 20% of the value created by the Internet.

This may seem like a low percentage, but when the total is in the billions, it adds up. Why not take the precautions and invest in cloud storage security?

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Data thieves are constantly adapting their methods of hacking. Nowadays anyone with a computer and some simple technical skills can compromise your business data.

It seems like every month we hear of a new cyber attack. Remember when all those celebrity iCloud accounts got hacked? What about the billions of Yahoo email accounts that were compromised?

Most cloud storage security breaches occur when hackers obtain account emails and passwords and use them to steal sensitive information.

There is no sure way to stop criminals from stealing data, but one thing you can do is take the preventative measures and invest in top notch cloud storage security before it’s too late for you and your business.

How Do I Safeguard Cloud Storage Security?

One way to ensure your safety on the cloud is to make sure your passwords are different for all of your accounts. Once a hacker gets a hold of one password, chances are they will try that exact same password across all possible networks.

Your passwords should be a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters and include special characters and numbers.

You want to make passwords that are hard to decipher. When you create a password be sure to write it down and keep track of it.

Another thing to take note of is updating your passwords frequently. Keeping a password for too long is far too much of a risk for your sensitive company data.

After you create a secure password, you should set up a two-step authorization for your cloud account.

Two-step authorization is another layer of security that will help your business maintain the safety of sensitive data. Even if hackers obtain your account identification and password, a two-step authorization will prevent them from going any further into your account.

On cloud services like Google, you can require that the cloud sends you a verification by phone or text message if you log in from an unrecognized computer. This method will allow you to spot unauthorized entries quickly and give you plenty of time to change your password.

The next step to managing your cloud storage security is to read about the service you are using. Are they giving away your data? Do they encrypt your files when you upload them to the cloud?

Many cloud storages protect your privacy. What this means is that they don’t have access to any of the files that you store on their site, which is exactly what you want.

Storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox are transparent that they don’t have access to your business files.

If the cloud service you are using does not ensure your privacy, then it’s best to take your files to one that does. Make sure to read through privacy agreements before you accept the service.

You wouldn’t sign a legal document before you read it, right? Carefully inspect the company you choose for your cloud storage.

Use Data Encryption

Once you’ve picked a cloud storage option, it’s time to upload files. Be sure to encrypt files before you upload them to the cloud. This is essential to securing your companies private data.

Encryption scrambles the data within your files and protects them with an additional password By encrypting your data you are adding an extra layer of security around your files. If a hacker gains access to your cloud storage, this is your last defense.

You should encrypt your data files before you even upload them to the cloud. This is especially important with sensitive data that could be used to take money from your business or expose something that you’ve not yet made available to the public.

One way to encrypt your data on the cloud is by using a software called Cloud Data Management Software (DMS). This software almost always includes data encryption which will help keep your files safe when you send them to the cloud.

Many cloud services offer encryption, but it’s good practice to encrypt all of your files just to be on the safe side.

Next, we’ll look at the real reason why you don’t want to get hacked.

What Happens If Your Cloud Gets Hacked?

Keeping sensitive business data safe on the cloud could be the difference between the life and death of a company.

Hackers are not only stealing your sensitive information they want you to pay to get it back.

If cyber attackers steal sensitive information from your company, they could use it against you for monetary gain. They may ask you to pay a ransom to get it back. This has become a popular move for hackers to get paid for their work.

It has become common for hackers to keep a company’s compromised data from them, essentially holding it hostage and demanding money in exchange for their data back. Hackers can now request an untraceable system of online currency, otherwise known as Bitcoin.

Many companies have already fell victim to these kinds of attacks. They failed to update their cloud storage security and their businesses fell victim to hackers. This should be the main reason you want to invest in cloud storage security. It could cost you a serious amount of money and heartache if you don’t.

If you want to make sure your business is protected, click here. Let us help you keep your business safe from cyber attacks before they happen.

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