2020 Brings New Cybersecurity Trends – Find Out What They Are Now

Cyberattacks can have shockingly far-reaching consequences. For example, one study linked rising cyberattacks in hospitals to rising rates of heart attacks in those same hospitals. 

However, even in industries where life isn’t on the line, cyberattacks can be seriously consequential. Recovering from a cyberattack can be costly, time-consuming — and in some cases, impossible. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends.

What are the 2020 trends coming up in cybersecurity? Don’t get left behind — read on to learn what you need to know about cyberattacks in the future. 

Increased Use of AI

AI can do far more for modern businesses than just help out with customer support through automated chat. In fact, AI is increasingly important in the battle against cyberattacks. 

AI and machine learning now play a large role in discovering new threats. Attackers are already using AI to target businesses, so why not use it to protect your business, too? AI can respond to attacks faster and more efficiently than humans can, which makes for increased safety overall.

More Attacks on Mobile

As mobile devices become ever-more common, attacks on them will also become more common.

Many companies rely on employees with mobile technology to perform essential tasks. But if those mobile devices aren’t protected from attacks, your company could be vulnerable. From clever phishing emails accessed by mobile to attacks directly through apps, companies will need to find a way to protect from mobile attacks. 

Phishing Gets Cleverer

On that same note, phishing attacks will also become smarter, and show up in new places.

Phishing and “vishing” or “voice phishing” will soon account for a growing percentage of cyberattacks. By sending communications that look or sound completely convincing, these attacks get access to sensitive information.

For example, phishing emails may be precise copies of real emails from trusted entities. 

Growth of Automation

While it may fall short of AI, automation will still be increasingly valuable in the future of cybersecurity. 

Automated platforms and tools can go a long way toward helping IT teams do their jobs. With automation, you can set processes in place that will halt attacks before they can do any damage. IT teams will become more efficient and less overworked, while attacks will become less common.

Increased Spending

All of these other cybersecurity trends add up to one thing: increased spending to prevent attacks. 

As attackers become smarter, companies have no choice but to invest in security. However, while the cost may seem high, it’s worth it. The cost of dealing with a security breach is far higher than the cost of preventing one.

Are You Prepared for the New Cybersecurity Trends?

If these cybersecurity trends come as news to you, your company may not be fully ready for the future. 

Cyber attackers won’t wait for you to prepare before attacking. Now is the time to get on top of these trends so your company can weather each new threat. 

However, you don’t have to do it alone. Experienced outside help can make all the difference in preventing cyberattacks. For security solutions that will meet your needs, learn more here