4 Benefits of VoIP for Business

Voice calling is still the go-to method of contacting a business, and 52% of companies consider the phone to be their primary tool of communication.

However, traditional phones have limitations. Calls through VoIP (voice over internet protocol) open up a new world of possibilities for a business. Employees can take calls on more devices and connect with multiple people at once.

Here’s why you need VoIP for business.

1. More Cost Savings

You’re limited in the number of phone lines you can install with landline services, plus the cost of physical installation adds up. You also have to consider the price of maintaining landline phones.

If your business makes long-distance calls, those added fees can quickly accumulate and eat into your profit margin.

A VoIP setup costs significantly less than a landline installation. Installing a VoIP system is also easier, saving you money on installation costs and maintenance.

Trust us—you’ll see the difference on your business phone bill.

2. Tons of Features

Our VoIP phone service includes many benefits, such as a voicemail-to-email option with transcription. You can also move an active call from a desktop to a mobile phone with ease, allowing for more mobility.

With VoIP services, you can work from home or any remote location with an internet connection.

Unlike analog phones, you also have access to three-way conferencing, call routing, video conferencing, internet fax, spam caller protection, presence indicators, toll-free numbers, and much more.

3. Custom Solutions for Your Business

There’s only so much customization you get with landline phones. Eventually, your business will outgrow your current setup. At that point, you’ll have to install more lines.

You need a phone solution that will scale with your business.

When you work with a VoIP company, you get a plan and features customized to suit your current needs. When your company grows, you can add more features.

Plus, you can combine your VoIP phone service with other managed IT solutions. For instance, we can help with backup recovery and disaster planning, cloud migration, endpoint detection and response, and much more.

4. Exceptional Customer Service

One of the biggest benefits of VoIP and managed IT services is that you can access superior customer service when needed.

Working with a managed IT solutions company means you’ll have someone on your side who will walk you through the entire process of switching to VoIP. Plus, they’re available to answer questions you have, such as mobile device integration or how to make the most of your new system.

Our experts are available to you when you need us to answer questions or concerns. No more being left in the dark or calling multiple numbers to address an issue.

Experience VoIP for Business

These are only a few of the many advantages of VoIP for business.

To learn more about how this technology can transform your small business, and how cloud services can help you grow your company, you simply need to contact us here at Pegasus Technologies.

Our experts will be happy to discuss your current pain points and develop a solution that fits your company. We’re also conveniently located to serve customers in Kennett Square, PA, as well as Wayne and Media, PA.