Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Kenny Youse

In this part of our Meet the Team series, where we get to know the staff of Pegasus Technologies better, CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Systems Administrator Kenny Youse. Below is the transcription from this interview.

Matthew: Record. Hello everyone, and thanks for another episode of Meet the Employee with the CEO. And today, we’ve got Kenny. How are you doing today, Kenny?

Kenny: Not too bad. How about yourself, Matt?

Matthew: Doing all right, you know, I had a nice Father’s day yesterday. So, back to work and got refreshed, and here we go. So, Kenny’s been with us now, well about a year and a half now, and is a Tier 3 technician with Pegasus. And thanks for your time here Kenny, and we really appreciate having you on board.

Kenny: Absolutely.

Matthew: Want to give you a minute just to kind of tell everybody a little bit about yourself.

Kenny: Well, as I’ve been with Pegasus for a year and a half, started as a Tier 2 and then just worked my way up, previously. I’ve had over 10 years experience in Tech, starting anywhere from just doing help desk, the IPTE, to more virtualization, and done mostly all of it. So I’d like to consider myself pretty well-rounded and it’s a nice place to be currently with Pegasus.

Matthew: Yeah. Well, you seem to get the really strange special projects and you’ve been handling them well, so we’re going to call you the “catch-all”.

Kenny: Yeah, so I’ve been told they find me somehow.

Matthew: So good. So now, we get to the fun part which is 10 questions that have been submitted by your peers. So you can’t blame me for any of these. I’m just going to rapid-fire, Matt. You get a minute to kind of give us your answers and we’ll just move through them and finish up the day. So alright, we’re going to start right off. What’s invisible, but you wish you could see? That’s a crazy one.

Kenny: Sound.

Matthew: Sound, that’s good. I was thinking like wind, but yes, sound’s good. That’d be– seeing sound would be very–

Kenny: With all the different frequencies, bass, and this and that, the other, I think it would be really cool. I know some people actually have that, but yeah.

Matthew: But with being able to see all the sounds of might get a little noisy.

Kenny: Like yeah, that’s very true. So, long as you can have some sort of filter. Like I still, like, selective hearing then.

Matthew: My wife says I have that. So, I’m already ahead of the game. What would you do if no one needed IT support anymore?

Kenny: Well, if no one needed IT support that still doesn’t mean that I couldn’t build and put together systems. Don’t have to support them, I can still supply. But yeah, hardware is always a fun thing too. That’s part of my background, as well. So I’d still be in computers somewhere even if it wouldn’t be “support person”.

Matthew: Excellent. Let’s just hope we don’t ever have to address that one. So, what kids movie completely scared you?

Kenny: Completely scared me? I’m not actually sure, to be honest. I can’t really think of one that scared me because I mean, as a kid, I just love Disney movies, none of them were really scary.

Matthew: Dumbo, you know, I don’t freak out. I’d have to say, you know, I’ve just thinking of– I’ll give mine, then. It was Poltergeist, man that one scared me.

Kenny: Oh, okay. Yeah, see, I didn’t get scared as much as I did sad or something.

Matthew: What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?

Kenny: Video games. Yeah. This still stand true now. So deeply rooted in it.

Matthew: Excellent. Okay, here’s one. This is actually a discussion that is in my household, actually– currently, toilet paper roll over or under?

Kenny: Oh, over a hundred percent. There’s no other way.

Matthew: Yeah, there’s some unders in our house and they’ve tried to debate it and I don’t understand it, so.

Kenny: It’s like, maybe you form it.

Matthew: What’s a life, I actually found a little sticker. I put next to the toilet rolls and it’s got two toilet paper rolls one going over with a smiley face and one going under. And it says, “Beards are cool mullets, aren’t?”

Kenny: It’s not bad, actually.

Matthew: It got everybody’s attention. So, [crosstalk] what’s on your bucket list?

Kenny: Go to Japan, I think. That’s always one thing I want to do but I mean, like, actually prepping and everything and going there, that’s like a whole big thing to do because with the different mannerisms of learning the language. It’s like a whole different thing. It’s not just like going to Europe or something like that. I will be shunned if you don’t do it, right?

Matthew: Oh, yeah. Just be ready for that one. It probably need to take classes.

Kenny: Yeah.

Matthew: If life were a video game, staying with your video game-themed, what would two cheat codes be?

Kenny: I don’t– okay. Definitely, you know, always go with the cliche, infinite money.

Matthew: Yeah.

Kenny: And, I was going to say God mode, but no, that would be old.

Matthew: Alright. God mode for a day would be fun but after that it’s.

Kenny: Yeah. Would that bad or just the ability to like, spawn things like spawn entities. It’s like, oh, yeah, this is want to have like the Lamborghini, and just boop. I mean, it coincides with the infinite money, but still, right?

Matthew: Excellent. Alright, you’re given one wish, but you can’t use it on yourself. What would you wish for?

Kenny: Honestly, it’d be something along the lines of just like, World Peace at ending hunger that I believe, like everybody should have, like a chance to be happy, healthy, and just fulfilled, and one way or another. And I know there’s a lot that are still struggling out there and, yeah, you know.

Matthew: Yeah. That’s a good wish. I think that– hopefully, a lot of people would hope or would wish for that. If someone asks you to be– if someone
asked to be your apprentice and learn all that you know, what would you teach them?

Kenny: So, I’ve been doing a little bit of that here. So a lot of it ends up being trial by fire because like, I believe the best way to do that if you’re going to apprentice someone is not exactly tell them how to do it, but give them bread crumbs on the logic and reason behind the things that you do. Because like, you can tell somebody how to do something and they can do it just like that, but if they don’t understand why or how like in a craft, like something, like IT, like while you can follow a procedure if you’re actually troubleshooting, they have to go a little out of the box sometimes. So you can’t just give them straight up answer.

Matthew: Let them learn, not do, right?

Kenny: Yeah. But still, guiding because like, you can just give them the directions like, have you tried this? Like maybe you should look into this rather than just like, oh yeah, that’s it.

Matthew: Alright. Last one here on the plate is, what’s the latest TV show you’ve binged watched? And I say TV because I’m old, but Netflix, Internet, show streaming.

Kenny: Honestly, I guess the last one would be the Blacklist because I got into the Blacklist real late. And then, I just ended up watching at home in Netflix, like one through eight over the course of like, two months.

Matthew: Right, That’s binging. Good. Well, that’s it, Kenny. those are the ten, you did it, you survived. They weren’t so bad. I’ve seen some doozies, but those are some good ones. They must like you hear Pegasus.

Kenny: Right. Yeah. Submitted by my peers. I don’t know, it was already like, it’s like I wonder if I could take out whom.

Matthew: Right. So good. So, hey, I appreciate being a good sport and thank you for your service in Pegasus. I look forward to the years to come. And maybe in like five years, we’ll do this again with some new questions. Alright, Kenny. Thanks. Have a great day.

Kenny: Yup. Thank you too, Matt.

Matthew: Yup.