Cybersecurity Threats Are on the Rise in the Midst of Coronavirus

Update 1/19/2021: The latest phishing threat from attackers is emails relating to vaccines. Vaccine availability, appointments, schedule changes, phase assignments, new FDA approvals, and line-jumping opportunities for “extra” vaccines about to expire. Train your staff to be suspicious of emailed links on these topics.

The novel 2019 COVID-19 coronavirus has resulted in many negative impacts felt in all locations across the globe. Thousands of high-risk individuals passing away from this disease. The ensuing lockdown to protect public health has hampered economies everywhere.

Another unforeseen result of this pandemic is a global increase in cybersecurity threats. The pandemic has introduced new ways for the criminally tech-savvy to target companies. Companies are scrambling to mitigate the negative effects of coronavirus on their business operations. While doing so, they may inadvertantly open themselves up to cybersecurity threats.

In this article, we’ll discuss some common cybersecurity threats to keep in mind. We’ll also teach you what you can do to mitigate them.

Increase in Cybersecurity Threats

One of the most common cybersecurity threats that have been around since the dawn of tech is malware. These days, coronavirus-related malware is making its way to business computers. The way that this is introduced to business computers is through spam email. The would-be hacker spams mass emails out to business emails. A coronavirus installer attached.

Some individual downloads the attachment in curiosity. The package within is able to take over the computer’s firmware and download and/or corrupt its data.

Another headline is the increase in cybersecurity threats to healthcare companies. Hospital cyber attack strategies have become more prevalent. Hackers are seeking to steal information developed in coronavirus-backed research plans.

More research indicates that the number of brute force attacks is on the rise. Brute force attacks essentially try every possible combination of characters to try and guess at your password. As more businesses are forced to put more information online so that their employees can work from home, hackers are taking advantage of the increased attack surface to expand their efforts.

A Cybersecurity Principle to Remember

In a time when so much is uncertain, the last thing you probably want to think about is cybersecurity. Nevertheless, you have to keep your business safe from these attacks. Thus, you need to take the time and effort necessary to set up cybersecurity measures as safeguards for your business.

No in-house employees with a matching skill set? No worries. Hire an outside team to come in and help build those virtual walls for you.

There are many companies out there that offer managed IT solutions. Cybersecurity measures are part-and-parcel of such solutions. Not only will these solutions help to keep would-be attackers at bay, but they can also help in case of other disasters (such as accidental data loss).

Find the Right IT Solutions Provider for You

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