What Is At Risk With Cybersecurity?

What is at risk with cybersecurity? It is not just the loss of your data. It is also the loss of your productivity, loss of reputation for your organization, liability in case you have somebody else’s information and it falls into the wrong hands, and direct money in the form of extortion, ransom payments, things like that. It is also resources, internet speed, air conditioning, cloud usage fees, trade secrets, regulatory violations. And one of the first steps is, it really helps if you inventory your data and you know what you have. Do not forget about clients, vendors, contractors, employees, spouses, dependents, ex-clients, ex-employees, archived software, retired software, there is a lot out there that can really bite you if you are not aware of what information you truly have on the network. At the end of the day, if you do not need it, do not store it, definitely keeps things easier. Visit us online to learn more.