Managed Services: How Does It Differ from Outsourcing?

Many businesses have a small IT department that gets run ragged or there is no department and pray nothing goes wrong with their computers, servers, and programs. That’s a difficult way to run a business because so many things can happen that need expert services.

Managed services and outsourced services are two ways companies can help alleviate the strain. Did you know that they are two very different services and that most businesses need managed over outsourced services?

We’ll explain the difference between the two and why managed services are the best choice for your business. Don’t get caught with a major IT problem without it.

Managed Services Provide Broader Options

When something happens or if you’re looking to prevent something bad from happening, you need experts to handle it. Managed services provide a wide array of services to help your business.

They aren’t providing support for a small portion of your IT services, but all of it. This may not be the case with outsourced services.

Outsourcing means you need help with a specific part of your business. You’re seeking someone from outside your company to do that. You outsource your customer service, etc.

Outsourcing providers often require a specific set of responsibilities. If something happens outside of that set, then they’re not responsible for fixing it. This could leave you in the lurch.

Outsourced Companies Don’t Care About Business Success

The best way to think about outsource companies is like an assembly line. If you hire them to do a task, they’ll be happy to that task and send you invoices for work done. They won’t stray from the tasks or try to tell you ways to make the process more efficient.

They’re hired to do a specific job and they’ll do it and nothing more.

Managed services are more than just hiring them for a job. They’ll look at your IT infrastructure and discuss ways to make it more efficient and better for your company.

They’re not there to just do a job. They’re there to make your business better.

Managed Services Are Always There for You

If you have an employee that an expert in a certain area and they get sick or take a few weeks off, then what are you going to do? If you hired an outsourcing company, then not much. They won’t do anything beyond the scope of what they’ve been hired for.

If you’re lucky, they have someone you can hire for it, but that will be a separate invoice and you’ll likely need to hire them for a minimum length of time.

With managed services, this isn’t a problem. Since their services cover a wide range, they likely have someone that is also an expert in the area that you need. They’ll help keep the IT department afloat while your expert is away.

Managed Services is the Way to Go

Managed services are far more than simply outsourcing. It’s an investment. It’s a resource

Join the thousands of businesses that abandoned outsourcing in favor of the reliability and versatility of managed IT services. If you want to learn more about how managed services can work for your business, then please explore our site.