Monthly Tech Tip – 10 Things to Know About Ransomware

Whether your Thanksgiving dinner conversation includes people from large businesses, small businesses, hospitals, governments, nonprofit organizations, or sole proprietorships, chances are someone in the room was directly impacted by ransomware. They may have even seen a scary image like the one above. Yes, that’s a real picture from a ransomware infection at a local company.

Ransomware is a serious criminal threat to all organizations. It can cryptolock your files blocking access until you pay a ransom, and even then, the criminals may sell your data to the highest bidder. To help keep yourself, your family, your friends, and your colleagues safe this holiday season, check out the article we wrote that provides readers with 10 things they can do to prevent ransomware. It’s amazing how many organizations large and small haven’t completed these 10 things.

Keep this mind: Modern cybercriminals are smart. They peruse the easiest targets first. As more companies check all 10 boxes, the more vulnerable it leaves organizations that haven’t hardened their defenses.

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