Pegasus and the Small Business

4 Things You Can Expect From a Local IT Support Provider

The old adage, “It’s never going to happen to me,” is likely the most common pitfall of the human race.  It’s expressed in just about every walk of life, but as Murphy’s Law so kindly reminds us, the unfortunate is always waiting around the corner to come knocking on your door.

In regard to IT security, this false logic is held by a shocking number of small business owners.  A new study by Paychex surveyed 341 business leaders and found that 68% of small business owners are not concerned about getting hacked, and 90% said they were at least somewhat confident they could recover if an attack was successful.  Fearlessness in the face of risk is an honorable attribute for entrepreneurs to have, of course.  However, when new cyber-attacks are being reported daily by the national media, it’s important to be smart about which risks are worth taking.  That’s where we come in, to help your small business decide how to safeguard from the risks of IT attacks.

Knowing the Facts

Large businesses have hardened their defenses, mainly because they have the resources that smaller enterprises do not.  Cybercriminals know this all too well, which is why 70% of attacks are aimed at small businesses, according to expert data from the National Cyber Security Alliance.  Often, these attacks will wipe out a company from the bottom up, as they corrupt their infrastructure, steal confidential data, and ultimately destroy everything the business owners worked so hard to achieve.  When it comes down to it, small business owners have two options: harden their defenses, or face certain attack.

Strengthening your Defense

At Pegasus, we have the knowledge and tools to keep your company from falling victim to ransomware, phishing attacks, and all other malicious activity. At a fundamental level, we ensure that your traditional defenses like firewalls & antivirus/antimalware are up to par.  Beyond this, we’ll manage your entire IT system from top to bottom with a systematic approach. We give expert guidance on what security options are tailored for your business, offer C-level training to executives and employees, and house top-of-the-line backup/disaster recovery options.  Most importantly, we stay up to date on the latest industry practices to protect against major threats before they become an issue.


Unexpected set backs are a reality of life for small business owners, but that doesn’t mean they’re unavoidable.  Our team at Pegasus understands how small businesses function and have decades of experience helping them stay protected as they grow.  Experience professionalism and peace of mind like you’ve never had before, and let Pegasus assist your company today!