Startling Facts About the True Costs of Ransomware Data Recovery

The True Costs of Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware attacks are going to continue increasing in 2018. Here’s what you need to know about the startling true costs of ransomware data recovery.

Ransomware attacks are becoming a huge problem for businesses today. If your company has suffered from an attack, you know the painstaking process of getting your data back, and the cost that ransomware data recovery requires.

Cybersecurity has shifted its focus in the past few years. It’s essential to protect your data from ransomware, have a backup, and know how to recover it without spending anything. Let’s take a look at the true costs of data recovery.

Ransomware Data Recovery

The cost of ransomware viruses can be astronomical if your business doesn’t have a strategic disaster plan in place. You need to have a plan on how to prevent it from occurring, what to do when it does, and measures you’ll take to get your data back.

Business Operations

Your entire business can come to halt when ransomware attacks and gets a hold of your data. Ransomware sets deadlines on the business. They must pay by a certain date in order to get their data back, and when they don’t that amount can increase.

Even after ransomware hackers get their payment, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your files back un-encrypted. When they encrypt your data, it becomes vulnerable and exposed, and can be comprised. If you run a business that protects private information, this is a huge problem.

Not having access to these files can mean your entire business is put on hold. This downtime can have huge effects on your business productivity and revenue. It can also make your customers no longer trust you or the credibility of the company.

Proposed Ransom

These ransomware hackers are in it for the money. They set huge ransoms and prevent you from accessing your data until you pay. These costs can severely set a business back.

Being informed about what ransomware is and how you can protect your business from receiving it will go a long way. Furthermore, setting a plan for what to do if your business does get a crypto locker virus will result in fewer data lost and less business downtime.

Solutions to Explore

While the thought of ransomware is scary, there are things you can do to protect your business and implement ransomware data recovery.

You must first not walk around saying, “it will never happen to me.” It’s these very businesses that end up getting ransomware because they have no protection in place to stop it from happening. Putting a plan into action will help you to protect your organization and have backups secured.

Knowing what you’re going to do if ransomware happens is step number one. Meet with your team and write out the steps you’ll take if your business experiences this.

Now What?

Having a cloud backup installed on your devices will ensure your data is protected if ransomware attacks it. If you have a backup on the server, ransomware could also affect that, making even your backup unable to reach.

With a cloud backup, you can access your files and restore them whenever you’d like, without having to pay the ransom to get your files back.

If you’re interested in learning how to better equip and educate your employees, take a look at the cybersecurity training we have available.