Storage Wars: Cloud vs. Data Center

Storage Wars: Cloud vs. Data Center

The cloud vs. data center conversation may seem tedious, but it’s one of the most important conversations you and your colleagues can have: storage is everything.

Take your decision seriously. If you make a careless choice for your company’s storage solution, you could cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars and diminish the support and respect of your customers and clients.

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There’s no right data storage solution for any industry. You need to weigh the costs and benefits of cloud storage versus a physical data center. To help make your decision easier, we’ve written a cloud vs. data center comparison cheat sheet.

Definitions: Cloud vs. data center

The cloud refers to storage solutions that offer their hi-tech storage options across multiple devices. As abstract as the term may seem to people outside of the tech industry, IT professionals like us understand that this can be life-or-death for business owners, as can data centers.

Data centers are physical infrastructure used to store data. This may sound a bit antiquated, but there are upsides to a data center. One, in particular, being more cyber criminals are targeting the cloud and not physical infrastructure.

The cloud

Not all cloud computing solutions are perfect, but the biggest benefit of cloud computing is how suited it is to business solutions through modern technology.

Teamwork is always a priority in business. Collaboration in real time is one of many advantages of the cloud. As is communication and accountability for employees working from home.

Your company can also complete updates in real time. All team members can work on your projects at once and can brainstorm and discuss improvements between each other via in-app messaging. There’s no idle time where the project is waiting to be opened in someone’s inbox when using the cloud.

The general improvement in communication in the cloud is ideal for business. When it comes to business, faster is always better. So consider speed when discussing cloud vs. data center discussions.

Data centers

Data centers still offer unexpected edges over the cloud, so think before writing them off as the outdated solutions. The biggest advantage of data centers is that the best data centers are incredibly secure. Custom encryptions for data centers outmatch cloud security in many ways.

However, the cloud security is more consistent from service to service, so it remains a more secure storage solution across the board. That’s because today’s top cyber security experts are geared towards working with the cloud.

Also, legacy systems just can’t keep up with the constant updates to the security infrastructure of the cloud. These updates can happen at a fraction of what they cost on legacy systems.

But that doesn’t mean the cloud is the better storage option.

One thing to consider during cloud vs. data center debates is the way hackers today are trained to hack into the cloud. Most hacking is not focused on data centers or other legacy technology because the information stored there is seen as less valuable. Thus, data centers provide the potential advantage of hiding information in plain sight.

Cloud vs. data centers: Which best meets your needs?

The typical cloud vs. data center debate is flawed because it doesn’t take into account data storage needs vary from business to business.

You can engage in long winded cloud vs. data center debates, but unless you’re considering leveraging those technologies to meet your needs, you’re out of wasting your time.

Both data centers and cloud storage solutions can offer state of the art storage power and security. But they each have low quality storage solutions out there that can make your storage and cybersecurity worse. 

Ultimately, you need to consider your data storage needs and the cyber security trials you’re likely to face. So take your cyber security needs seriously and don’t underestimate the importance of different data storage options or the dangers of cyberspace. Match your data storage needs with top-notch IT and cyber security solutions.

Implement better data storage solutions with an IT support company

It’s unlikely that technology will be the silver bullet to your IT woes on it’s own. Selecting the best storage solution from all the options out there is one thing, but keeping track of updates and knowing how to implement the best data security or backup solutions calls for a professional. Consider the services of a professional IT solutions company.

Pegasus Technologies offers both cyber security and managed IT solutions for the modern business owner. Our professional and experienced staff have a real passion for IT and would love to help your business out.

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