What Does Ransomware Really Look Like?

We see ransomware quite a bit unfortunately, and this is an example of what a real ransomware screen looks like.

It says:

  • Oops, your files have been encrypted. You have to pay this amount in bitcoins to decrypt the files.
  • If you do not pay this ransom at a certain time your ransom is going to go up.
  • After that date, we are actually going to destroy your data.

It is spooky stuff. This is real. It does impact your local-small businesses, but again, we see it on a routine basis.

Ransomware lessons that we have learned from it and things that we have observed, ransom amount can be negotiated.

  • It is almost always paid in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin payment is illegal in the US. But nevertheless, a lot of people pay it.
  • Ransomware demands range from as little as two hundred dollars, the biggest one we have seen is 2.8 million.
  • Criminals often know the value of your data and the balance sheet of your business before setting the ransom amount because they are doing that reconnaissance during that two hundred day period. It is wild stuff how sophisticated they are.

Security threats are becoming more common and more dangerous. Antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to protect your business from ransomware, phishing schemes, cryptolocker, or other dangerous hacks.

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