What You Need to Get Around the Weakest Link in IT Security

A study shows that a human element is behind 90% of IT security incidents. Hackers set all sorts of traps to try and capitalize on human error, often using fear, uncertainty, and doubt to pressure a user into making a mistake.
Hackers will find many ways at hiding in company networks.
So what should you do?

Best Practices To Install For IT Security

Most business processes need some form of manual or human contribution. Why? This exposes a fertile field for ransomware or phishing attacks.

Hackers will set traps for users. They have the patience to hold out for the smallest window of opportunity to pounce. All it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration for a tired or distracted employee to react to an email that looks legitimate but is in point of fact a scam email.

When, not if a cyber incident occurs, organizations have to have a method in place that manages and mitigates the risk.

The first thing to do is, to introduce a culture among the users of “If in doubt … Shout!”.

If users are unsure of the legitimacy of an email, encourage them to seek advice from their IT department. In fact, with any form of contact that they are not comfortable with.

Companies should put in place protections based on technology. The following steps will help any company get on top of the situation when it happens.

Training Employees

It is best to set the stage for the company’s IT security management to implement Security awareness training, at the point of onboarding new employees.

But, this is not a once and done activity by any means – ongoing refreshers need to be carried out to remind all employees of their responsibilities and to make them aware of new threats hackers are using.

Remote Workers

In today’s times, it is a fact of life that most employees will at some time or other be working remotely. 

Therefore, all employees’ devices should be encrypted, firewalls and antivirus software installed and kept up to date, to ensure optimum security, just as their office devices would be.

Online Security Tools

Security software solutions should be implemented as an IT security backbone. 

These antivirus software solutions will help by adding extra IT security and help monitor threats, spam, and password hacks.

Monitoring Network Breaches

It makes sense then, that organizations acknowledge the ‘human factor’.

Each organization needs a method and software to manage and mitigate the risk when, not if, any cyber incident occurs.

IT Security In Today’s World

With cyber hacking on the increase and evolving, so comes the need for a company to be ever watchful.

Having a strong, transparent communication process in place between employees and IT security departments will certainly help any company get on top of the situation when a hack eventually happens.

The truth is, that today more than ever, businesses need IT security protection as well. Why not browse through our services and contact us for your IT Security needs?

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