Working From Home Tips and How IT Managed Services Can Help You

The public health crisis surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 has meant that a lot of businesses have had to adapt the way that they operate quickly. 

With social distancing and quarantine measures in place, working from a home office has become the new norm. 

But when you’re asking your employees to do this, what are the challenges that you might face? 

With some specific concerns over the security of your companies data, it is essential that you get tips for working remotely while getting the support that you need from the right places. 

Here are some essential working from home tips along with how IT managed services can help you. 

How to Build a Secure Home Network

If your employees are accessing your business servers and having access to potentially sensitive data in their own homes, you’ll need to think about the networks that they’re using. 

Your office will need to have the right security in place on all servers and networks to meet data protection regulations. But can you say the same for the home networks of your employees?

Often, domestic networks will be easy to penetrate, and opportunistic cybercriminals will use the current health crisis as a chance to increase their attacks

You’ll need to encourage your teams to carry out some assessments on their network security and change their router password before you allow them access to company data. 

IT managed services can help your organization to set up virtual private networks that employees can use to access your servers. This will give you an additional layer of protection. 

Implementing Cloud Solutions

When your employees are all working from home, you’ll still need them to be able to collaborate effectively with the rest of the team. The most useful tools that your remote team will benefit from are going to be cloud-based solutions. 

Using the cloud, there is no need to store your data at the point of use. Everything can be automatically updated on the cloud.

This means that if another user needs access to the same information from a different location, they’ll see any changes in real-time. 

Cloud-based solutions are intuitive and easy to use.

There’s no need to worry about installing software or carrying out updates. This means that once your remote team has been given the access they need, they can get straight on and use the technology. 

With relatively low set-up costs, cloud-based solutions offer great cost-efficiency benefits for your organization. 

To get your business started with a cloud-based solution, you’ll need the assistance of IT managed services. 

Seek the Best Working From Home Tips

It is essential that you are getting your advice from all of the right places.

A reputable IT managed services provider can give your company the best working from home tips. You’ll also have access to the ongoing support you’ll need during this difficult time. 

If you require remote access services, at Pegasus Technologies, we pride ourselves on our quality service. Contact us today for more information. 

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