3 Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning Services for Your Business

There is a new cyberattack every 39 seconds, with 30,000 websites hacked daily. They cost an estimated $6.9 billion in the United States alone.

The best way to prevent this is to be proactive with vulnerability scanning. It happens in two parts.

A penetration scan involves experts outside your network attempting to exploit it like a cybercriminal would. A vulnerability scan is similar but comes from inside the network.

Read on to learn the three benefits of vulnerability scanning services for your businesses.

1. Cost and Time-Effectiveness

Regular vulnerability scans prevent expensive cyber attacks. They eliminate ad hoc patching and lower technical debt. They let you know which areas are weak and need more resources. You may even get a cheaper cyber insurance policy.

Scanning also saves time and makes your business more efficient. Knowing where the greatest weaknesses are keeps teams focused and gives them a goal.

Using managed IT solutions adds even greater efficiency. Let them tell you where your security weaknesses are so you can spend your valuable time and money to fix them.

2. Compliance

Apps with mobile device integration send data across mobile networks. Virtualization can send a virtual version of a computer or phone almost anywhere.

Businesses must follow several compliance standards to keep all of that information safe. Failing to do so can lead to cyberattacks or fines.

The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, doesn’t require vulnerability scanning. It requires you to identify network vulnerabilities to protect personal data.

The PCI or Payment Card Industry Standards do require scans. It also has general and specific rules about when and how to patch your systems.

Achieving HIPPA compliance is even more difficult. It means inventorying, testing, documenting, and configuring:

  • Automated software updates
  • Unmanaged hosts
  • Firmware

Vulnerability scanning services help you comply with all necessary regulations. It also helps keep you up to date as the standards and your networks change.

3. Credibility

Shareholders, customers, and vendors have at least one thing in common. They want to know that you care about protecting their data.

Losing it due to a breach will cause a major hit to your reputation. Going the extra mile to protect it can help you get it back. Scanning for vulnerabilities helps ensure you never lose it in the first place.

Let them in on what you’re doing behind the scenes. Tell them about your backup recovery and disaster planning methods. Provide reports of your regular vulnerability scans performed to keep that from happening.

Talk about what managed IT services you’re using to help put these policies into practice. Their positive reputation will follow you.

Where to Get Vulnerability Scanning Services

Vulnerability tests come in two parts. There’s a vulnerability scan from inside your network and a penetration test from outside.

These tests identify holes cybercriminals could enter through to steal important data. They also save your business money, help it run more efficiently, keep you compliant with current standards, and enhance your credibility.

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