3 Challenges of Replacing Your IT Support Team and How to Solve Them

Replacing your IT support team on the fly is anything but easy.

Small businesses rely on tech more than ever, which is why the managed services market is projected to reach nearly $400 billion by 2028. Professional IT support is a must if you’re going to stay afloat in a competitive marketplace, so if your team isn’t cutting it, you have to make a move.

Although this transition will lead to a brighter future, the process of doing it comes with particular challenges. In this post, we’ll look at three of the biggest challenges when switching IT support and what to do about them.

It can feel like these hurdles are insurmountable but keep reading and you’ll see what you need to do to get over them.

1. Your Exit Strategy

When you’re taking on a new IT service, they’re going to need to digest a lot of information. Most of this information will have to come from the outgoing IT team.

One of the most important, yet challenging things that you need to implement is a clear exit strategy with your old IT support. This exit strategy should flow into onboarding with the new service provider.

Cooperation is the key here, but it requires careful planning on your part. If you don’t time everything right, your new team could be left in the dark on numerous areas essential to your continuity.

To avoid any confusion, ensure that there’s a reasonable overlap between the two companies. In the event of any hostility from the outgoing company, make your expectations clear regarding a transition from the outset.

2. Confused Employees

You’re undoubtedly going to encounter employee confusion when you switch IT services. Many employees rely fully on the IT department for everything tech-related, enabling them to focus on their jobs. They may be reluctant to learn a new workflow or how to use new tech.

It’s also possible that you’re going to have a bit of IT downtime as the companies are busy exiting and onboarding. Your best bet for keeping your workforce happy and productive is to communicate.

Tell them about the IT switch as soon as possible and make sure they know which company to direct their questions to. If the system is going to be unavailable at any point, make sure employees know ASAP so that they can make arrangements.

3. Vendor Communication

Keeping everyone in the loop about switching IT support can be tricky. Your employees are the most important, but your other vendors are close behind. Business IT support services build countless relationships with vendors, such as tech repair teams, parts manufacturers, and the like.

Your incoming IT company may come into the picture with its own network of vendors. If not, they may ask you for a list of IT-related vendors, so you need to be prepared to become the middle man.

To prevent the ball from dropping, make sure that you’ve got a list of all the vendors that your outgoing IT company uses, complete with contact information. You may need to contact these vendors yourself to authorize your new IT company to make important IT decisions.

Find the Best IT Support Options

Switching IT support doesn’t have to be so stressful. As long as you’re tactful and communicative, you won’t even have to do much of the legwork. Connect your outgoing IT company with the incoming one, then keep your employees and vendors in the loop for a smooth transition.

If you’re looking to make a switch to leading professional IT support in Chester, Delaware, or Montgomery County, it’s time to contact Pegasus Technologies. We’ll work with your team, as well as your outgoing IT support to ensure a smooth transition and a clear path forward for your tech needs.