4 Tech Trends That Are Shaping the Business World in 2019

Are you looking for new tech trends to help your business cut costs and increase profits?

Many companies are investing in these trends to make work more convenient or to protect their customer’s data.

Keeping up with the changing direction of technology keeps your tech business relevant. For example, chatbots and cloud-based services increase customer engagement and productivity.

Here are four big trends in business that you should know about.

More IoT Devices

IoT (or the Internet of Things) is a phrase you’ll hear in 2019 as more smart devices continue to appear. IoT devices are common objects connected to the internet that collect data and make life more convenient.

Everything from thermostats to cars are now becoming IoT objects. As the demand for smart homes and digital assistants grows, you can expect more IoT devices.

By 2020, Gartner says that there will be 20.4 billion connected objects used worldwide. And this isn’t only a benefit for your home, but more connected devices aid your business as well.

Machine Learning and AI in the Tech Business

Machine learning is the process of teaching a computer to think and act as a human would through data input and real-life scenarios. This process led to the creation of chatbots, often used in messaging apps.

The popularity of messaging apps is on the rise with almost 150 million users in the U.S. alone. Chatbots offer information, contact customer support, and even make purchases for you.

Chatbot programs are even more useful than apps, and businesses are taking advantage. Bots gather information through interactions that can improve your products or services.

More Companies Using Cloud Storage

One of the new business trends for small businesses is cloud services for data storage. Because the cloud is cost effective and secure, more businesses will be using it in the coming year.

There are many cloud-based IT solutions out there that companies can use. These services reduce the hassle of pulling up files or keeping data secure, and more companies are switching over.

Sharing large data files over email is not only outdated, but it’s also ineffective. With cloud storage, you can access files from anywhere even with your phone.

Blockchains and Digital Currencies Continue

Blockchain keeps track of business transactions and all recorded information is secure. Many companies are using this technology for shopping security. With the increasing cybersecurity threats and data breaches, blockchain protects your records.

Blockchain was created to run Bitcoin and it now works as a digital ledger. Once associated only with cryptocurrency, big banks are now investing in blockchain technology.

Investment banks looking into this technology could save $12 billion per year. And investors expect new uses for the blockchain to appear in the coming years.

How These Trends Benefit You

New tech is changing the way that we work every day. Technology reduces the time it takes to search for files, look up suggestions, or make a purchase.

These advances will benefit your tech business as well. It’s now easier to help your customers, keep data secure, and increase convenience.

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