2021 Year of Accomplishments, Innovations, and Advancements

Letter from our CEO

With 2021 behind us and 2022 in full swing I would like to take a moment to share Pegasus’ accomplishments, innovations, and technology advancements in 2021.

This year has started like the previous one, but not so typical, as the pandemic continues to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Pegasus was able to build off the remote working model started in 2020 and move into a full hybrid program, rotating staff in and out of the office. We
leveraged our client team approach and designed the rotation in a way to keep individuals on the same teams separated whenever possible. This helped ensure we had client-assigned techs available in the event of exposures. It has proven to be a success, so we are planning to continue through 2022.

Our new direct-to-tech option for inbound support calls is now fully operational and we see a continued uptick in support requests being resolved on the first call. Some noteworthy statistics in line with this change:

  • Responded to 13,661 total support requests
  • Average resolution time of 1 hour
  • Client average survey scores of 4.92 out of 5
  • We met our first response SLA 100% of the time

With the new year passing we again saw a record increase in cybercrime. This has put immense pressure on cyberliability insurance carriers. We saw stronger security requirements implemented and expect even more added in 2022. Pegasus has answered this increased threat by providing our clients Multifactor Authentication solutions, supplying upgrades from legacy antivirus to next-generation Endpoint Detection and Response, and offering 24/7/365 Security Operations Center monitoring and remediation for organizations who want the best protection available. We consider these three layers the foundation for a small business’ digital security in the face of modern ransomware attacks.

The 2022 roadmap includes a more advanced Client Portal, including live dashboards to provide our clients real-time visibility of their IT assets and support history. Pegasus will be launching an entirely new document management system with a client-facing knowledge base and workflow automations. These enhancements will allow our technicians timely access to key information allowing for faster initial response and support resolution.

It is a very exciting time at Pegasus, and we are thrilled to be the partner you trust. Thank you for your support and Happy New Year.

-Matthew Tucker, CEO