Clever Business Owners are Going Paperless: 5 Reasons Why

Are you looking for a way to increase efficiency in your business? Read this article on the benefits of going paperless and digital integration. .


2018 is a time of questioning and challenging the status quo. As technology changes the way to do so many tasks in our lives, people around the world are taking a look at what else needs to change.

Conducting business on paper has been the norm since paper was created. So many companies never consider life without it. Now that we have so many options with technology, though, is going paperless feasible?

As it turns out, it’s not just feasible. It’s a revolution that’s gaining speed thanks to the many benefits it offers.

Advantages of Going Paperless in Your Business

If you’re thinking about hanging up your paper clips for good, here are the benefits you stand to gain.

1. Becoming an Eco-Conscious Company

We all know that paper use can cause serious problems for the environment. Going paperless is a great way to calm your conscience and start making a difference.

That can be great for your bottom line as well. In a recent study, 86% of consumers expected businesses to get involved in environmental or political issues. Showing your green side can help you curry favor with those 86%.

2. Lower Supply Costs

Every business loves to cut expenses, and going paperless may save you more than you realize. Chances are that paper is a small part of your budget, but the ink or toner you use to print on it can make a far larger impact.

3. Save on Shredding Costs

Paper doesn’t just cause issues and cost money when you put it into use. It’s also a problem when you’re finished with it.

To keep your information secure, you need to shred your documents when you no longer need them. Depending on the size of your business, shredding can be expensive, and it’s an unnecessary cost.

4. Fewer Security Risks

Security is one of the largest problems with paper. Depending on how you use that paper, you could devote plenty of energy and money to keeping it safe. In addition to locking it away from prying eyes, you need to keep it safe from the risk of a fire as well.

Another large security hole with paper is the mail. Last year, the US Post Office arrested over 400 people for internal mail theft. That only includes the postal employees, not the many other people who steal mail from mailboxes.

Mail theft is a huge security risk you can avoid if you’re doing your business electronically instead. With these problems out of the way, you can focus your energy and your security budgets on the major threat in cybersecurity.

5. Fewer Storage Hurdles

We’ve talked about the burden paper carries at the beginning of its life and at the end, but it’s also a burden at every point in between. Depending on how large your business is, paper files can take up a massive amount of space that you don’t have.

In some cases, businesses pay more overhead to have more storage space for their files alone. If you know how to manage it, digital file storage is far more economical.

Going Paperless: The Next Step

Going paperless is already a big trend in American households. Thanks to all the benefits above, it’s catching on for businesses as well, and it’s time for you to get on board.

If you want help becoming more digital, reach out to our IT experts.