5 Reasons Why Organizations Need Pegasus’ Managed Security Services in 2018

Erik from Pegasus Technologies IT Managed Services

As the new year ushers in, our team at Pegasus Technologies is preparing for the new IT trends and challenges that will come our way.  As always, we are constantly finding ways to advance our products and streamline our services, and are proud to be the trusted IT partner for hundreds of clients across the northeast.

If 2017 taught us anything, it’s that the world of IT will not stop evolving anytime soon.  More specifically, the past year reinforced the notion that unexpected cybersecurity threats are always on your doorstep, waiting for a chance to intrude on your livelihood and well-being.  More than ever, organizations need an IT partner they can rely on to keep their personal data secure, and we believe that our services are unparalleled by any IT company on the market. So, we compiled a list of 5 reasons why organizations need Pegasus’ Managed Security Services in 2018:

  1. Social Engineering is the number 1 go-to strategy for the bad guys. Unfortunately, their time is money too. So, why spend 2 months of research uncovering a 0-day when you (literally) can create an effective spear-phishing attack in 2 hours? They are going after the human—the weakest link in IT security—and your last line of defense.
  2. Ransomware is only going to get worse in 2018. Email is still the favorite attack vector for hackers, and their sophistication is increasing by the month. The downtime caused by ransomware can be massive and is supremely detrimental to an organization’s productivity.
  3. Compliance requirements for awareness training are being sharpened up. Believing that today you can get away with a yearly one-time, old-school awareness training session is whistling past the graveyard. A good example is May 25, 2018, when enforcement actions for GDPR begin. We have compliance training for GDPR ready in 24 languages.
  4. Legally you are required to act “reasonably” and take “necessary” measures to cope with a threat. If you don’t, you violate either compliance laws, regulations, or recent case laws. Your organization must take into account today’s social engineering risks and “scale security measures to reflect the threat”. Don’t trust me, confirm with your lawyer, and next insist on getting budget. Nowadays, data breaches cause practically instant class action lawsuits. And don’t even talk about all employees filing a class action against your own company because your W-2 forms were exfiltrated with CEO fraud.
  5. Board members’ number 1 focus today is cybersecurity. Some very pointed questions will be asked if they read in the Wall Street Journal that your customer database was hacked and the breached data is being sold on the dark web. Once it becomes clear that your organization did not deploy a simple, effective strategy that could have prevented this, a few (highly placed) heads will roll. Take the lessons that Target’s CEO and CISO learned in late 2013 as an example. Help your CEO to keep their job by strengthening your cybersecurity strategy this year.

2018 promises to bring in new challenges and opportunities for cybersecurity.  With hope, the new year will be less threatening than 2017, but as we stated before, the only thing we can expect is unexpected cybersecurity threats waiting on our doorsteps.

We’ll be prepared for the new year’s cybersecurity attacks.  The question is, will you?