Annual Technology Transformation Award for Nonprofits – APPLY NOW!

Pegasus Technologies is a leading Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. That means Pegasus endeavors to be the people-focused IT department for organizations that do not have their own internal IT department on the payroll. With automation, cloud services, and virtualization, Pegasus gives organizations a full-service IT department experience at a fraction of the cost of staffing true internal employees. Subject matter expertise is certainly delivered, but personal, lasting relationships are what sets Pegasus apart from its competition. Prioritizing people first makes the difference. Pegasus makes its clients more efficient, which makes Pegasus’ clients more competitive in their own industries. With its staff of 25 local people, Pegasus serves nearly 200 organizations in the region.


Pegasus was founded in the late 1990s as an enterprise security consulting company, and when Pegasus evolved into an MSP in the late 2000s, nonprofit organizations were some of Pegasus’ first clients. Part of the way Pegasus gives back to the nonprofit community is by hosting an Annual Technology Transformation Award for Nonprofits, in which Pegasus will donate its expertise to a deserving nonprofit that needs help updating its systems and making its technology ready for the future. Anyone can apply using this link.


The winning organization will receive the grand prize, consisting of an in-kind donation from Pegasus to cover the costs of one-time professional labor services to complete the technology transformation and one year of Pegasus Flat-Rate Gold IT Support Service on all covered devices. Pegasus reserves the right to approve and/or deny labor services at their sole discretion. By accepting the Grand Prize, the winning organization agrees to submit two reports to Pegasus (by 3 months after implementation and 9 months after implementation) explaining how the labor services and flat-rate services were used and the impact of the technology transformation on the organization and its clients. Failure to submit the required reports on or before the deadline may result in forfeiture of the remaining prize. No substitution or transfer of a prize by the winner is permitted. All material and applications submitted become the sole property of Pegasus, will not be returned and may be used in perpetuity for advertising and promotional purposes by Pegasus without any further compensation.


Possible technology transformation projects include cloud email migration, the retirement of on-premise servers, installation of new VoIP phone systems to make remote work seamless, implementation of two-factor authentication, configuring cloud data backup, migration from one cloud to another, updating a software package, or some combination of these projects. We encourage you to describe your dream IT environment.


Pegasus Flat-Rate Gold IT Support Service includes: Hardware and Software Inventory, Express Remote Support Capability, Patch Management for Microsoft Software, Managed Next-Gen Antivirus / Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Web Security, Weekly System Maintenance, Patch Management for 3rd-Party Software, e.g. Java, Flash, Acrobat, Hardware Performance Monitoring, Executive Report on Service Delivery Metrics, Reports for Inventory, Performance, and Uptime, Assigned Account Manager, Assigned Match-IT Team, Labor Services for Emergencies, Wired Redundant Internet Monitoring, Network Appliance Uptime Monitoring, e.g. wireless access points, Service Uptime Monitoring on Servers, Labor Services for New Employees on Existing Supported Hardware, Labor Services for Software Deployment, Secure Hard Drive Data Destruction, Automated After-Hours Maintenance, Mobile Device Troubleshooting and Basic Support, Vendor Management, e.g. telco and copier, Firewall Management and Basic Backup, Labor Services for Virus Removal, Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Assessment, Dark Web Presence Monitoring, Labor Services for Remote Support, Labor Services for Onsite Support, Labor Services for Offsite Support, Physical Equipment Moves, Labor Services for Workstation and Accessory Replacement / Migrations, Server Migrations, and Cloud Migrations.

Application located conveniently online here.


 Important notes:

  • Self-nominations are accepted, welcomed, and encouraged
  • Winner will be determined exclusively by Pegasus Technologies, LLC
  • Applicants must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
  • Applicants must have a primary office or base of operations in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania, or New Castle County in Delaware
  • Applicants must have an annual operating budget between $1 million and $8 million
  • Applicant does not need to be an existing client of Pegasus
  • In their application, applicant must show how the grand prize would benefit their organization and their mission
  • The grand prize awards project labor and ongoing IT support services to the winning organization. Hardware materials and software licenses are not included, but Pegasus could provide the labor for system design, specification, procurement, installation, configuration, migration, and support as part of the grand prize.
  • Award is subject to Terms and Conditions


  • All applications must be received by 5pm on June 30, 2022
  • The winning applicant will be notified by telephone and/or email on or about July 15, 2022 and will have one week to respond to the notification by telephone or email, indicating acceptance or rejection, and sign a Pegasus Master Services Agreement
  • If the applicant cannot be reached or does not respond by the deadlines, the prize may be forfeited and, at Pegasus’ sole discretion, an alternate winner may be selected.

If you like, you can download the offline application to use as a reference while you prepare your answers for online submission. Applications must be submitted with this online form, not the offline application document. You can also download the terms and conditions of this award. If you have any questions, contact us. Please understand that as excited as we are to run this award, our first priority is servicing our clients and we anticipate many applications, so your question may not receive an immediate response.