Biggest Attack Targets We Saw In 2020

What were the biggest attack targets in 2020? IT support companies like Pegasus. If you are involved in building automation or building automation systems, things like swipe cards for your doors, local governments, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and, of course, remote workers. And we had many, many, many remote workers here in 2020. We saw a lot of attacks in 2020, like impersonation fraud, and various types of extortion schemes where they might be saying, “We are going to encrypt your files until you pay the ransom. We are going to threaten to publish your files until you pay the ransom.” There are some other more explicit ones that you can read about there. By the way, we do a much longer version of this presentation if you ever want a little bit more education for your employees. Let us know, we would be happy to come in person and do this presentation or do it remotely via Zoom for your employees, whatever it takes. I know some folks on the call have already taken advantage of that. Visit us online to learn more.