Caring for Our Community

One of the organizations we passionately support is the Southern Chester County Chamber of

I’ve served on the chamber’s Board of Directors for several years, and this year I was voted
to serve as the Chairman of the Board.

Most chambers of commerce advocate and speak for the business community, and work to implement services and projects that benefit its members.

The Southern Chester County Chamber goes further, by helping grow the economy in our service area in a responsible way, to make our area a better place to live, work, and play.

We help nonprofits, encourage smart development, and educate our members, so they can more easily interact with area businesses and government entities and achieve success in their own operations.

It often surprises people to learn there are several chambers of commerce within Chester County, each one covering a distinct service area.

We work with the other chambers as well as organizations like the Chester County Economic Development Council, the Small Business Development Council, the Chester County Workforce Development Board, and more, because it’s important our entire region is successful.

We maintain active dialog with our elected officials. Our chamber has members and clients that spread far beyond the borders of our service area.

In addition to the intense amount of formal support the Southern Chester County Chamber of
Commerce provides, the chamber also hosts inspirational breakfasts with compelling speakers, annual galas at stunning venues like Longwood Gardens, informative lunches, and informal networking events, making it easy for members to get to know other members of the community, establish personal relationships, and improve communication channels.

Pegasus is happy to help the chamber accomplish its mission to serve its members. For more information on the chamber, learn how to become involved, and see a list of future events, please visit the chamber website or contact me for more information.