How to Find the Right Backup Solutions for Small Business

Backing up your data is essential to your business’s success. Check out these backup solutions for small business to get the services you need.


Stuck with a niggling feeling that your data isn’t safe?

That’s not too surprising. 58% of small businesses aren’t prepared for data loss. In an age of cyberattacks, that’s a risky play.

We know how tough it can seem. That’s why we’re looking at the best backup solutions for a small business below.

Backup Software

Choosing the right backup software is the first step to securing a good backup solution.

Backup software handles a lot of the heavy lifting. It’ll help you schedule regular backups (not just when you remember) and automate huge chunks of the process. It’ll also help you designate the information you want to backup.

Of course, backup software isn’t as smart as a human user, so you’ll want to keep a close eye on it to ensure it’s doing its job. But it shaves days off the time it takes.

There’s a huge variety of backup software available for small businesses. Don’t be afraid to shop around to find what works for you.

The Cloud

One of the most popular modern backup solutions for small business is undoubtedly the cloud.

Cloud backups hold your data on offsite servers via an internet connection. By using the cloud, you can backup without taking up a huge physical footprint in your office. It opens up a level of data storage once thought impossible for small businesses.

Most backup software can also work directly with the cloud to make the process simple.

If you already invest in cloud storage, this can be a great way to make the most of the space available to you. If not, it may be one more good reason to begin using cloud services.

Physical Media

Backing up to physical media hasn’t completely disappeared, however. It remains a popular option among the backup solutions for small businesses.

Plenty of businesses still use traditional tape storage with more modern methods.

The advantages of tape remain numerous. It’s per GB cost is low, it can handle large transfers and restorative operations quickly, and it offers more secure storage than hard disks.

Even tech giants like Google continue to use tape storage, which alone should attest to its benefits.

A Partner

If you don’t want to trust to software and your in-house staff, you can always reach out to the experts.

Contracting out for IT support is a popular way for small businesses to handle the skill and manpower demand of complex IT operations such as backups and security. There are now a large number of companies out there specializing in IT storage and backup solutions.

Working with an external company takes most backup concerns out of your hands. That means your business can focus on what it does best.

Choosing Backup Solutions for a Small Business

It should be obvious by now that small businesses aren’t hampered by backups – in fact, there are a wealth of options available. Take some time to figure out the right fit for your business, and you can look to the future without worrying about your data.

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