Here’s Why Your Company’s Tech Team is More Important Than You Realize!

According to 44% of businesses, each hour of downtime results in a loss of at least $10,000. This is a good reminder not to take your technology department for granted.

Your tech team does more than keep your systems up and running, though. Here are some of the other reasons that your tech department is important to your business.


When thinking about the importance of technology, cybersecurity is one of the most important considerations.

Any customer data you store is at risk. Threats can come in many forms, including viruses, phishing attacks, and data leaks.

Technology teams know different security methods to keep this data safe, including options you probably aren’t aware of. They can also help you recover if you have a security breach, so you can get up and running again with minimum downtime.

Stay Organized

Now that companies store many documents in the cloud, another key role of tech teams is to help you stay organized.

Keeping track of thousands of files is a challenging task, but a good IT department can help. With their assistance, you can categorize and organize your information so you can find what you need without the hassle.

Your technology resources can also assist with maintaining your customer data. This might include payment information, account preferences, and more. Having all that data stored correctly in a database is vital to keeping your customers safe and making the ordering process easier for them.

Customer Management

Your IT team can improve your customer’s experience in another way as well: by maintaining a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Using these systems, you can track every interaction with your customer. If something isn’t going well, you’ll be able to identify and address it before the situation gets too bad. On the other hand, if things are going well, you’ll be able to see that and repeat the process moving forward.

These types of systems also allow you to target your marketing based on your customer’s preferences. That type of personalization will improve customer satisfaction, but you’ll need help from your IT department to do it.


Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship, whether it’s a personal or business relationship. In the past, much of this communication was in person, but now it’s more likely done with technology.

Within your company, you might use email, instant messaging, phone calls, or video conferences to communicate with colleagues, depending on their location. You could also host virtual presentations for your customers or meet with them remotely.

From a social media perspective, you can network with other professionals on LinkedIn or share company updates on Twitter.

Whatever form of communication you use, technology is part of the picture, and your tech teams will make sure those communication channels are up and running.

Don’t Overlook Your Tech Team

A good tech team won’t draw attention to itself, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about them. Those employees will keep the nuts and bolts of the company working so you can focus on the rest of the business.

Not all IT departments are in-house these days. If you’ve thought about hiring an outside company for your tech support, contact our experts today to see how we can help.