How Do We Implement Security Practices to Ensure the Safety of Network Infrastructure?

What is the next generation of security implementation looking like for network infrastructure companies and Managed Security Solution Providers?

Security threats are becoming more common and more dangerous. Antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to protect your business from ransomware, phishing schemes, cryptolocker, or other dangerous hacks. Pegasus Web Security helps protect your business from attacks before they happen. Our software adds another layer of protection to help prevent malicious activity onto your network and keep you more safe from cybercriminals.

Like everything we do, we approach IT security as a partnership. We start by understanding your business objectives, then take a proactive approach to address the multiple compliance and security needs facing your business.

Our technology partners provide you with the best IT user experience.

At Pegasus, the success of our clients is the driving force behind our company. That’s why we choose to work with the finest technology vendors to ensure that success. Just like our partnerships with our clients, we work just as hard to be great partners to our vendors. We commit to multi-year partnerships, attend regular trainings and obtain and maintain certifications.

Pegasus Technologies has found a valuable partner with Blackpoint Cyber. Blackpoint Cyber is a technology-focused cyber security company headquartered in Maryland, USA. The company was established by former US Department of Defense and Intelligence cyber security and technology experts. Leveraging its real-world cyber experience and knowledge of malicious cyber behavior and tradecraft, Blackpoint provides cyber security products and services to help organizations protect their infrastructure and operations. The company’s proprietary security operations and incident response platform, SNAP-Defense, is available as a product or as a 24×7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.