How to Make Cloud Collaborations Easy and Secure for Your Team

As of 2016, the global cloud collaboration market was valued at $22.42 billion and it is expected to reach $60.36 billion by 2025. That’s an increase of $37.94 billion within less than 10 years.

Why is there such an increase? Because more businesses are relying on smart cloud collaborations to improve their organization.

However, cloud collaboration software has drawbacks such as the security of important information.

Check out our guide on how to make cloud collaborations easier and more secure for your team.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Collaborations?

The ways in which we store and share data has come in leaps and bounds since the days of the floppy disk. Cloud collaboration allows employees to efficiently work as a team on projects, without even having to be in the same country.

Remote teams can save time when collaborating together because they don’t need to email each other updated documents. Instead, cloud computing ensures that employees can easily access files at any time.

Another key benefit of cloud collaboration is that employees can have access to larger files. Emails can only store a few MB, which means that document sharing over email can sometimes be tricky.

How Can You Make Your Cloud Collaboration Easy And Safe?

Firstly, make sure you do your research on the different types of cloud collaboration solution tools that are available. Some are developed for consumer use whilst others focus more on enterprise businesses.

Enterprise businesses need cloud collaboration platforms that allow your IT experts to have control over the accounts and manage the information that is being accessed.

Secondly, think about your employees. You need a cloud collaboration platform that is easy for your employees to use. If the data solution isn’t easy to use, your employees won’t use it and so you will just be wasting money.

When choosing your cloud collaboration platform, make sure you think about the storage capacity. If your employees will be sending big files then you need to have a storage solution that allows them to do so. Otherwise, they might look for cheaper and less secure alternatives.

Another way to ensure safety is by finding a cloud collaboration solution that offers multiple levels of control so that your employees have different user permissions. After all, you don’t want managers sharing confidential information with the whole team.

Finally, make sure you find a cloud collaboration that allows you to integrate your existing IT infrastructure, such as your directories, content management systems, and data loss prevention systems.

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Share Data in a Safer Way

Cloud collaborations can benefit many different businesses, whether you’re a big or small business. They allow you to share data and work collaboratively on projects.

But remember that you need cloud collaboration solutions that are safe and easy to use. Otherwise, you run the risk of data breaches and hackers accessing your important information.

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