June 2022 Update from the CEO

We hope you enjoy the July 4th holiday with lots of relaxation and fun! Our office will be closed for the holiday, but we are always on-call 24x7x365 for your emergency needs.

In this month’s newsletter, read a tip on how to use YouTube more efficiently, watch a video on accessing files with Microsoft Teams, and learn a little about why we are launching a new website. We’re also excited to tell you about our award.

This month Channel Futures, a leading IT industry publication, announced their annual list of the top 501 Managed IT Services Providers. Pegasus placed #28 on the MSP501. Congratulations to our team and thank you to our clients. We’re proud to be recognized for our innovative client service that’s leading our industry and has made us a successful company in a competitive market.

New Website in Soft Opening

You may have noticed that we updated our website this week. The new site is certainly updated with a more modern feel, but it intentionally looks similar to the old one, so you may be wondering why we changed it.

Many people surf the web via their smartphones these days- often more than they surf from their desktop or laptop. Search engines have taken note, and now favor pages that load quickly on mobile devices. Search engines also want to see that desktop content is readily accessible on mobile sites. Our new site delivers a drastically better experience to people browsing from their mobile phones.

Please let us know what you think! Constructive criticism is always welcome.

People sometimes ask us if we design websites. We don’t create websites, but we are happy to connect you with a local company that can help you. We like to do what we do well and make worthwhile referrals when our clients need something in the technology space that’s not within our core competency. Feel welcome to contact us if you would like an introduction to a web designer who can help improve the mobile performance and search engine optimization of your website.

Pegasus Sponsors Chamber Golf Tournaments

Pegasus sponsored the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament this month. Matthew Tucker, Pearson Verhoven, and Jason Daugherty played without breaking any windows, so it was a good day!


We will also be sponsoring the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament on August 1. It benefits local high school seniors and we have been proud supporters for many years. Registration is open and we hope to see you there!


Need to Watch a YouTube Video and It’s Taking Too Long?

We’ve all been there. We are trying to watch a video on YouTube but we have other things we need to do. Maybe the video content is too slow; maybe you need to skip to the important part and you’re not sure where it’s hiding. Did you know there’s a way to play YouTube videos up to twice as fast?

  1. Begin playing a video.
  2. Hover over the video and click Settings (that’s the gray gear icon).
  3. Click Playback speed.
  4. Select the speed at which you’d like the video to play. 2 plays the video twice as fast, while 0.5 plays the video at half speed.

Now that you know how to efficiently breeze through a video, be sure to read the rest of our newsletter that includes a link to a recent how-to video we recorded showing how to access your Microsoft Teams shares files via Windows Explorer.

How to Access Microsoft Teams Files via Windows Explorer

Many people know how to use Microsoft Teams for chat and video conferencing, but did you know you can also use it to store and share files? If you’re like many people, you may prefer to access those files via Windows Explorer, similar to browsing a mapped network drive. If you’re curious to see a demonstration and learn more, watch our YouTube video on Accessing Files from Microsoft Teams. In the video, Erik Gudmundson asks Curt Wrigley to show how these features can be used to make Teams files more convenient.

Have questions about a particular topic and would like to see a future Tips article or video on it? We may have already covered it in our Tips and Tricks blog. Feel welcome to request a topic of interest to you and you may see it in one of our future newsletters.