Top 7 Issues to Consider When Switching IT Providers

Are you considering switching IT providers for your business? You may have had ongoing issues with your current Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), or you’re not getting the level of support and service that you need. 

Whatever the reason, switching providers can seem daunting, especially if you have concerns about the transition.

At Pegasus Technologies, we understand these concerns and want to help ease them. In this blog post, we’ll address the top seven concerns of CEOs looking to switch MSPs and provide the information you need to feel more confident about making the change.

1. Slow Response Times

If your MSP delivers slow response times, your business productivity and success are at risk. A reliable MSP should focus on fast response times and provide the support you need to keep your business running smoothly.

2. Failure to Resolve Recurring Issues

If your MSP isn’t following a protocol to recognize and resolve recurring issues, you will likely experience repeat problems. A good MSP should have a process to identify and resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

3. Lack of Updated Solutions

In the fast-paced world of technology, it’s essential to have access to updated solutions to keep your business ahead of the curve. Your MSP should be proactive. They should identify and install new technologies that can benefit your business.

4. Surprise Invoices and Vulnerabilities

Surprise invoices and vulnerabilities can cause frustration. And unexpected security issues can leave you feeling vulnerable to ransomware attacks. A reliable MSP should be transparent about their fees and have a plan to protect your business from cyber threats.

5. When Is the Right Time to Change?

Change can be difficult, and it’s tempting to switch MSPs until after you’ve made a significant transition. 

But if you’re experiencing ongoing issues with your current MSP, consider their capability to handle important projects. Instead of waiting, onboard with an MSP you can trust before embarking on a big change.

6. Your Time

Switching MSPs does take time, but the right MSP will recognize that your time is valuable. They’ll take on the details of making a smooth transition. They’ll get contact info, document vendor account numbers and authorizations, and inventory your IT assets. 

The time invested in the switch will be repaid with increased productivity and satisfaction through fast resolution times and 24/7 support.

7. Understanding the Terms of Your Contract

Breaking up with your current MSP can be challenging, but understanding the terms of your contract can help you effectively end. Review your contract to determine your termination window, early termination fees, and automatic renewal requirements. Knowing the terms will empower you to set the right timeline for your switch.


Switching IT Providers Made Easy: Let Pegasus Technologies Guide You

At Pegasus Technologies, we understand that switching MSPs can be a hassle. But when it’s the right choice, it’s worth it. 

We’re here to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT services and how we can support your business’s growth and scalability.

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