Match-IT; A Smarter Way to do IT

Hiring outside IT professionals can be a tricky challenge for any business. How can you be sure that they will be a good fit not only for your IT needs, but also personally with the rest of your staff? IT can be frustrating. You need your technology to work and when it goes down you need it to be back as soon as a possible. With all of the stressors in the modern office place you need to be able to rely on your tech staff more than anyone else. That is why Pegasus Technologies offers its customers Match-IT.


Here is how it works:

  • First you will take a test, a personality and skills test of sorts, to determine who you are, what your company is all about, and the types of help that you will need moving forward with IT professionals. The more data that can be analyzed about the company and the personalities that make up the company the better the match will be ultimately.


  • Once you have completed the tests, your data is compared against the data of the technicians employed by the company. Based on personality results and skill needs IT professionals are matched with clients.


  • From here, the company custom builds you an IT team of four to six technicians dedicated to your company and all of your IT needs. The great part about this is that you will always see the same techs on-site, and you will always talk to the same techs on the phone. They will become a part of your team in no time and know your business in intimate detail so that they can provide you with the best possible IT service.


There is a smarter way to find the best IT pros. It is Match-IT. Please contact us to learn more about Match-IT and all of our IT services.