Meet the Team: Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Ted Halter

Below is a transcription of Pegasus Technologies most recent installment of “Meet the Team,” where our very own Matthew Tucker interviews Ted Halter.

Matt Tucker: All right. Hey Ted, how are you today?

Ted Halter: I am good. How are you, Matt?

Matt: Good. I would like to welcome everybody to, Meet the Employee Corner with the CEO. Today, we have Ted here. I like to say and happy to say that Ted just celebrated his first-year last month with Pegasus. I believe that is correct. Is that correct Ted?

Ted: Yes, sir.

Matt: All right. Ted has been doing a great job for us. For those of you who have met him, I am sure that you can also agree. So we will just start right off Ted and ask you, why do not you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ted: I have been doing IT work for about thirteen years at this point. But I have been in a customer service role for probably about twenty-five. I like working with people. I know it sounds crazy. Some people would rather work by themselves, especially in the IT world, but I actually rather enjoy working with people and helping out the problems.

Matt: Good. It is the end of summer so we are heading out of the summertime, just want to know did you plan any vacation this year?

Ted: I had some vacation plans. I am trying to do a lobster run in September. A buddy of mine and I drive up over a weekend. We would drive up to Maine on Friday, pack up Saturday by about fifty sixty-pounds of lobster and drive them home. Then Sunday we cook them all up.

Matt: I think you will have to keep me posted on that. I may want to—

Ted: Oh yeah?

Matt: I may want to get in on that.

Ted: Yeah, right? It is a good time. We get about a year, year and a half set of lobster, early supply.

Matt: Did you dig the hole and put them in it?

Ted: No. We will sit there and just boil them up. We got two massive lobster pots that we use. So it is a big process.

Matt: Well the drive alone is a big process.

Ted: Yeah, that is part of the fun.

Matt: I hear you. So question, have you ever seen any of the Harry Potter movies?

Ted: I have not. I have not. I have never seen a Harry Potter movie.

Matt: All right. Well, then I cannot even begin to ask this question is to which house you would belong to and why?

Ted: Yeah no, sorry.

Matt: I may have to just bust out a Sorting Hat and let it pick for you.

Ted: Okay, that is fine.

Matt: All right. We will move on to question number two here. What is the weirdest scar you have? And how did you get it?

Ted: I have a scar on my leg from I guess I was about nine or ten. My dad thought it was a great idea to give me a pocket knife. I was playing around in the backyard and I was flipping it and thrown into the dirt and it got me right in the leg. That is still there. Good times.

Matt: Good old Dad.

Ted: Yeah, right.

Matt: Yeah. I am sure Mom was pleased.

Ted: Of course. I learned some words that day.

Matt: That is right. What is the single best piece of advice you have ever received?

Ted: You never know when you are going to meet up with somebody later in life, so never burn a bridge.

Matt: Like it. That is a good one. Those are words to live by. I am pretty sure.

Ted: Indeed.

Matt: Would you rather be stuck in traffic for two hours every day or never be able to go to Wawa again?

Ted: You know what, I will nix Wawa.

Matt: You are going to nix Wawa.

Ted: I will nix Wawa.

Matt: It is a tough one.

Ted: It really is. But there are other places. It is okay. No traffic. No.

Matt: 7-Eleven, right or—

Ted: Yeah.

Matt: That is about as closes it comes, I think.

Ted: Yeah. We got a bunch of Momma and Pop’s shops around here, so were are okay. We will be all right.

Matt: The name Ted, were you named after anyone?

Ted: My father. I am a junior.

Matt: So second?

Ted: Yes. My dad is the senior.

Matt: Excellent. If one animal was made to be the size of an elephant which would be the scariest?

Ted: Snakes.

Matt: There might be some snakes in Florida the size of elephants now.

Ted: Yeah. Yeah.

Matt: I was thinking like an ant would be pretty terrifying.

Ted: Well. Yeah, I mean for shear strength. Absolutely.

Matt: What is your most recent Netflix binge?

Ted: Tiger King. Tiger King. Yeah.

Matt: I could not turn it off man. It was such a train wreck.

Ted: Oh absolutely. Absolutely. It started out promising and then the more you watch, the more you realize that that train was going to wreck. How horrific it was.

Matt: I think it is still crashed on the tracks today.

Ted: Yeah. It is the one thing that shows what an American is like. There you go, Tiger King.

Matt: Do you have a recurring nightmare and what is it?

Ted: You know, I do not have a reoccurring nightmare.

Matt: Not the teeth lost? Not the turnaround school in your underwear? Nope?

Ted: No. Nothing. I have had a couple of dreams, you know where you are falling but everybody has that. You wake up terrified from that but now no.

Matt: All right. Good. We have a good one here to end on and that is when are you the happiest?

Ted: It is going to sound cheesy and cliche but quite frankly after I have solved an issue and I know the client is up and functioning again. I feel like I have done my job and ultimately, I know that they are very appreciative and that is what drives me.

Matt: All right.

Ted: Feeling appreciated.

Matt: Right back to how you opened up by saying that you really like to work with people. So that is great.

Ted: I do.

Matt: It is great. You just tied it back. So, Ted, I do appreciate your time and given the opportunity for people to get to know you a little bit more. Hopefully, you are not going to find snakes on keyboards. But to—

Ted: Yeah, right.

Matt: Those watching maybe that is a fun joke to play. So for everybody out there and Ted, I thank you. Stay tuned for the next episode. Have a great day.

Ted: Thank you. Go Caps.