Meet the Team: Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Thomas Quick

Below is a transcription of Pegasus Technologies most recent installment of “Meet the Team,” where our very own Matthew Tucker interviews Systems Administrator Thomas Quick.

Matt Tucker: All right, we will get started here. Hello everyone! Matt Tucker CEO of Pegasus Technologies today. We have Thomas quick on meet the employee just another other version and another set of questions. Before I begin I would like to congratulate Thomas on his closely approaching next month seven years with Pegasus Technologies. So congratulations Thomas and thank you for your dedication hard work.

Thomas: Thank you.

Matt: Good. All right. So let us kick it off. Why do you not just take a minute to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thomas: I am what we consider a T3 lead of several techs in our company to cover certain clients and customers. I am a Microsoft certified engineer and technician working on solutions for multiple customers as we are an MSP. My day-to-day includes working on projects development of new software and hardware solutions to meet our customers and clients needs. I have been doing this for about twenty-three years now. I have worked in everything from small mom-and-pop shops all the way up to 150,000 employee organizations doing IT and research developments.

Matt: All right, good. So that is a little bit about your business world. Now we are going to dive into some questions and see if we can trip you up and get to know you a little bit. If you could put together one dream vacation of a lifetime, what would that be?

Thomas: It is easy. I am actually 98% Norwegian so going to Norway would be a wonderful thing and I have distant family that lives there and I have seen tons of pictures of the winners, so that would be the dream vacation, or winter ski trip to Norway.

Matt: Ah, the cold. All right. Good. Where is your favorite place to eat locally?

Thomas: Locally we prefer actually, local for me is a little bit back and forth because I live in Delaware and I have also a beach house down near Bethany Beach, so my favorite place is it is called Blues Diner in Lewes, Delaware. It is a kind of a Tex-Mex location.

Matt: I am going down in two weeks. I will have to check it out then good. All right, here is a good one. Can you hula hoop?

Thomas: No, not a lot of people do.

Matt: Not that coordinated.

Thomas: I can roller skate but I cannot hula hoop

Matt: Roller skating is important. It is a good trait to have. All right next here. This is tricky. So, right now what is under your bed?

Thomas: Probably we have storage for blankets and stuff for the bed.

Matt: You never know what is going to come out with that question. If you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would that be?

Thomas: That is kind of hard. I like woodworking and music mixing, so probably something along the lines of those. I like technology, but not as much as the other two. So…

Matt: There is something to put you in a situation where you can just work on some wood creating crafts and mix up some music. Good.

Thomas: Yeah.

Matt: All right as you grew up. Did you have a nickname that your friends used to call you?

Thomas: Tiny.

Matt: Tiny. I have to ask, why?

Thomas: I used to play football for high school. We were a 2A state champions for a couple years. I was a defensive line. I was smaller than what I am now, but I did very well for what I did.

Matt: All right.

Thomas: But I was the smallest defensive lineman on my high school team. And then I for the six months I played in college before I damage my knees, I was also the smallest defensive line.

Matt: It was not a play on words being that you are big and tiny, you actually were the small guy.

Thomas: I was smaller at the time yeah, I mean it goes back to high school and all.

Matt: Sure. See here if you had a pet dragon, what would you name it?

Thomas: Sparky.

Matt: All right. What is the dumbest way you have ever injured yourself?

Thomas: Dumbest way?

Matt: Yeah. Like, I broke my arm because I was jumping between haystacks and they actually put on my cast of pictures Superman because I tried to dive to the next one and fell short and just basically who knows planted into the ground. That is probably my stupidest injury.

Thomas: I have like a second-degree burn on one of my arms from steam for opening up an item coming out of the oven too fast.

Matt: Yeah. My kid singe his eyebrows doing that one. Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Thomas: No, because you can eat it without the bun.

Matt: Good answer. All right, final one here. What TV show or series during the quarantine should we all be watching?

Thomas: On TV series, I have been watching the Snow… what the heck is it called? It is Snow Birder… Snow… I am trying to look it up real quick. It is on TNT, the newer show.

Matt: All right, I will note that and anybody that is interested, you can reach out and ask us when we find the name. So well good. Well Thomas, I appreciate your time here and…

Thomas: Snowpiercer.

Matt: Snowpiercer. Good, there it is. Snowpiercer, TNT everyone. Thomas, we do appreciate your time. This has been fun and giving us a little bit of insight behind the technology man that we all know. So have a great day, great rest of your week and stay safe.

Thomas: Thank you very much. You do the same.