Monthly Tech Tip: ChatGPT and Privacy

Where does all the info in ChatGPT go?

With all the talk about ChatGPT, the publicly available chatbot armed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) eager to answer your questions, privacy concerns are only now coming to light with many of its users. Personally identifiable information such as your IP address are recorded, as are the contents of your conversations. This data can be shared with third-party companies. Full details are available in OpenAI’s privacy policy.

As powerful as the ChatGPT tool is, in response to people understanding that their information could be made public, many companies are now prohibiting employees from uploading documents and asking sensitive questions that could reveal confidential or proprietary data, for fear they could lose a competitive advantage or run afoul of legal regulation protecting their clients’ information.

Should you limit the types of information you feed ChatGPT? In a word, yes. So, how can ChatGPT be safely used to improve your own efficiency?

Many people have found ChatGPT to be particularly useful for generating ideas. If you ask ChatGPT for 50 topics about X, in seconds, you’ll probably have lots of worthwhile content to ponder.

ChatGPT is also great for summarizing larger documents. Need a quick abstract or some relevant portions of a long piece of literature reduced to some key bullet points? ChatGPT can help.

Another thing ChatGPT can do is assist with the writing style. If you direct ChatGPT to rewrite a document with a certain type of voice or background, you may find ChatGPT saves you some time and helps you create a finished document that’s more appealing to your target audience.

AI tools like ChatGPT have almost limitless potential but know that the information you use the tools to find and create may be shared with others.

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