Pegasus Recognized with MSP of the Year Award

Pegasus Technologies has been named MSP of the Year at the Channelnomics Innovation Awards (CIAs) in New York City on Thursday November 29, 2018. We are thrilled to be recognized by Channelnomics as a leading MSP two years in a row. Pegasus follows Channelnomics’ news and reporting on developments in Information Technology, and Channelnomics has a strong feel for the challenges facing our industry. Everyone at Pegasus appreciates the need to stay on the cutting edge of technology while staying rooted in the understanding of how technology impacts business and people. This award helps confirm that our strategy of putting people first is helpful to both the channel and our bottom line.



In 2018, our highlight was how well our recommendations protected our clients from cyberattacks. Criminal ransomware and phishing efforts reached an all-time high, and while there is no single technological solution that will keep a business totally safe, we were delighted to help our clients weather the ongoing cyberstorm with relative ease. We took a layered, multi-prong approach that included targeted employee training and assessment, ransomware-resistant disaster recovery protocols, and much more. Key security features are delivered to clients as a standard benefit, not an upcharge.


Pegasus is continually evaluating new technologies and services from companies in the channel to determine what may meet a business objective of our clients. We look for reliability, completeness, how well a new offering integrates with existing solutions, and true ongoing cost, to help educate clients on a value matrix. We listen to client needs by conducting regular meetings with key decision makers. We participate in multiple industry conferences to provide feedback to vendors and discuss problems and solutions with other Managed Services Providers.


Our company’s greatest channel achievement in 2018 is continuing to integrate key best-of-breed solutions from a variety of vendors, despite a never-ending tide of mergers and acquisitions of channel providers. We’ve delivered a smooth experience to our clients through exhaustive testing, communicating with channel partners, and insisting on excellence with a client-centric mindset.


We are proud to be the Channelnomics Managed Services Provider of the Year. With excitement, we will announce this achievement to our clients, partners, and prospects, and perhaps most importantly, share the congratulations on a job well done with our staff, because without them, the award would not be possible.