Network Security: What Your Small Business Needs to Know

Just because you have a small business does not mean you won’t be the target of a hacker. In fact, 60% of smaller companies face a greater financial loss from a security breach than larger companies.

The cost of a data breach on organizations in the United States costs on average, 3.86 million dollars.

Automated scanners and botnets scour the internet, searching for security flaws and weaknesses to exploit. There are safeguards and protocols that you can put in place to enhance your network security to keep your business safe from cybercriminals.

Teach Employees the Importance of Network Security

A small business’s biggest threat when it comes to cybersecurity is human error. You should educate your employees on the threats they may face, such as phishing scams and downloading malicious files.

Have policies in place and be sure your employees understand them. Make cybersecurity an important and regular part of your employee training. It’s important to be aggressive in educating and encouraging your employees to be vigilant about security issues.

Have a policy in place so that employees change their passwords every three months. Have your employees use multi-factor authentication when accessing financial institutions or other sensitive data to provide an extra layer of protection.

It’s also important that when you terminate an employee, you immediately remove their access to your network.

Educating your employees on cybersecurity is an inexpensive way to safeguard your network and one of the most effective.

Keep Your WiFi Network Safe

A company’s WiFi network is often the first place a hacker attempts to break through. You should be using a firewall and all of your data should be encrypted.

The router should be password protected and the network name should be hidden.

If your business allows customers or vendors to access your network, it’s important to set up a different network for them. Just make sure your employees are always connecting to the secured network.

Keep Software Updated

It’s important to keep all software updated. Manufacturers of software programs will release patches regularly to fix any security issues and vulnerabilities that may be exploited by cybercriminals.

Every machine in your network should be updated. It only takes one to put your entire network at risk.

Backup Your Data

You should be backing up all of your data regularly. Finding an automated solution that continuously backs up your data without you having to think about it is the safest solution.

Offsite storage offers the best protection in case disaster should strike your business.

Schedule an Audit Today

If you are unsure about how safe your small business network is, we can audit your system and help you to put safeguards in place to protect all of your data.

Working with a managed IT service can help keep your data safe from the constant threat of cybercriminals. As new technology rolls out, so do new vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

Network security is an important aspect of all businesses, large and small. Don’t take chances and put your entire business at risk.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your company’s cybersecurity, be sure to contact us today so we can create a plan to keep your business safe.