Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Luke Hathcock

Matt: Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Meet the Team Member with the CEO. Today, we have Luke. How you doing today, Luke?

Luke: Can’t complain too much.

Matt: Good. So Luke you’re coming up next week on three months with Pegasus.

Luke: (nods)

Matt: Great, congratulations and welcome on board. You’re a great addition to the team. We’re happy to have you. So why don’t you just take a minute and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Luke: Okay. So I grew up in North Carolina. So a bit far from home at the moment. I spent all my life there. I knew from a pretty young age actually what I wanted to do as a career involved computers. So I’d say I was probably like ten or eleven, honestly. Just messing around on this old rinky- like crap-top with four gigs of RAM and like 64 gigabytes of storage.

Matt: Good.

Luke: So pretty small. I must have been eleven or twelve at the time. I’m sure I’ve bricked it more than once. But my dad managed to fix it. So I eventually went to college for software engineering. I started out in IT and went to software engineering. And now I’m here!

Matt: Well, so you’re a little away from home but you know, I mean, hopefully you can learn to call this home. And yeah, stay around for some time here with us. Because again, we really enjoy having you here. I want to kind of go into the fun part, which is why everybody’s tuning in. This is where your peers submit questions. So you can’t be angry with me if you don’t like any of them. These come from the fellows…the fellows you sit next to throughout the building. So let’s talk. Start off right. What type of music are you into?

Luke: Honestly, basically everything. But if I had to pick one, I’d probably pick metal.

Matt: Metal. Like hard?

Luke: About midway. Not hard metal, but yeah.

Matt: Alright, cool, good. Alright, this is actually funny timing on this one from our conversation yesterday. What’s the last thing you read?

Luke: The last thing I read. Well, what was the last thing I read? The last thing I read, I believe, was Hellraiser. Not Hellraiser–John Constantine. I can’t remember the name of the- I think it’s Hellraiser. The comics. So. but if you’re talking about an actualy book-

Matt: No, we’re talking read.

Luke: Okay.

Matt: Comics are books in my world.

Luke: (laughs)

Matt: (laughs) I mean, so are Cliff Notes, that’s how I made it through high school. Alright, so what’s your most prized possession, and why?

Luke: My most prized possession. That’s a tough one.

Matt: We didn’t say it was gonna be easy.

Luke: Yeah. So at the moment, probably my computer. Because I just spent a lot of money on it, building it.

Matt: Alright, so now we know what it is and why, because it was expensive. Good, good. Which family member has the greatest impact on you?

Luke: Probably my dad, for sure.

Matt: Why?

Luke: He’s just always been a great role model for me. Like he’s just always been there, too, so.

Matt: That’s great. That’s good. Awesome. You close to all your family?

Luke: Not physically, but yeah. I’m pretty close to all of them.

Matt: Yeah, family’s important. Family’s definitely important. What’s your favorite – oh, well this is actually appropriate, also, because we’re coming to the holiday season. Which happens to be my favorite time of the year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas. What’s your favorite holiday?

Luke: For me, it’d probably be Thanksgiving. Or Christmas, too, honestly. If I had to pick between, probably Christmas because that’s when everybody typically gets together more.

Matt: Yeah. A little bit longer window, too, right? It’s not just one day. Awesome. I agree 100%. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Luke: Hmm. I don’t actually know. Um.

Matt: Big world. Come on.

Luke: Yeah. Nowhere specific, but probably like somewhere relatively close. Like I know you probably get a lot of like, “out in the middle of nowhere,” away from people. But for me, I’d probably be like ear a city so I can get good internet. But still be far enough away from everybody that I don’t have to deal with people.

Matt: No. No satellite dish internet for you, right? Alright, good, good. Alright. Well, we’re going to continue with the “where to live” thing. If you could live in a movie, which one would it be, and why?

Luke: Gosh. Do shows count?

Matt: Sure.

Luke: I’m Game of Thrones the whole way. Just because it’s pretty simple, you just have to stay alive. I mean Star Trek would be pretty sweet. I mean never to pay for anything. You’ve got replicators could make anything so it’d be Star Trek for me.

Matt: Awesome, good, good. What’s your go-to midnight snack?

Luke: Whatever I have, honestly. (laughs) So it could be any number of things.

Matt: Anything? Like if you could say “that’s what I want, that’s what I crave.” Pizza, ice cream, cereal?

Luke: Probably pork rinds honestly. Barbecue pork rinds. Pork rinds are awesome.

Matt: Good, good. What’s the most ridiculous outfit you have ever worn?

Luke: So, once, for Halloween, my mom made- I have two sisters and an older brother- Once for Halloween, we went dressed up. So me and my two sisters went dressed up as Oompa Loompas. And my older brother went as Willy Wonka. So we did the whole green hair and orange face paint and everything.

Matt: That’s a good one. Alright, we’re here at the end. We’ve got one left on it here, and that’s, if you could combine animals, which two would you choose, and why?

Luke: Let’s go with platypus and pangolin.

Matt: Okay, and why?

Luke: Because it would be super weird.

Matt: That’s some good stuff. Hey Luke, we’ve come to the end. Awesome to have you on board, as I said. I look forward to spending the years with you here in the future. Thanks for being a good sport and.. Go Pegasus!