Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Matt McGeehin


Matt T: Hello, everyone and thank you again for joining us in another edition of Meet the Staff with the CEO. Today I have Matt. I’m also Matt, so not to be confused. But welcome, Matt! Good morning.

Matt M: It’s nice to be here.

Matt T: Alright, great. So, Matt, you’ve been with us just over three months. So thanks for joining the team. You’re doing great. We’re happy to have you here. Why don’t you just take a quick second to tell us a little about yourself.

Matt M: Well, not much to say, really. I was born in this area, but I grew up all up and down the east coast. My father changed his job, so I grew up in Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, and Massachusetts. Then eventually, we settled here after when I got to high school. Then I went to college upstate in Wilkes-Barre, and then after that, I started working for a real estate company. And now I’m working here.

Matt T: Excellent. Well, like I said, we’re super happy to have you here. So thanks. Alright, so now we get into the really fun part. And I have ten questions that we’re going to surprise you with. And these have been written by your peers here at the company. So you can’t hold me responsible for any of them. So with no further delay, we’re going to dive right into the first one. What is the weirdest food combination you enjoy eating?

Matt M: The one food combination that I enjoy eating. Let’s see. I would say the weirdest thing I enjoy eating…I once had a giant bowl of scorpion peppers and I ate them with barbecue sauce.

Matt T: Alright, well that’s-

Matt M: Plain fresh peppers with barbecue sauce.

Matt T: That has all kinds of problems written all over it, but thanks, man. Alright, good, good. So number two: what is your idea of the perfect day?

Matt M: My idea of a perfect day is a day where I don’t have to listen to anyone tell me what to do. (laughs)

Matt T: Alright, excellent.

Matt M: I would say it probably would be in some place tropical. And I’d probably start with…All of my cocktails would probably involve tequila, except for ice cream. Which would involve (inaudible).

Matt T: Well, that’s another weird combination, back to question one. So alright, good. So question number three: if you had to go out right now and get a tattoo, what would it be?

Matt M: I would probably get a tattoo of…that’s a good question. I’d probably get…well my gamer background is going to come in here. I’d probably get the Hunter’s Mark from Bloodborne on my thighs.

Matt: T: Alright, good, good, alright. So this is actually an appropriate question since we’re both named Matt. Now I can call you something different. What is your nickname?

Matt M: I actually used to go by my pen name, which is Nick. N-I-C-K.

Matt T: Alright.

Matt M: It’s just something you always like to have when you’re a writer because you might be published in something you don’t necessarily want other people to know about.

Matt T: Got it.

Matt M: So I actually went pretty hardcore with the full name. I said my name was Nicolai Alexandrovich Granen. And then I went by Nick for short.

Matt T: Alright. I’m gonna go with Nick. That’s what I’m gonna start calling you now. So good, good. Anybody that calls in, you can also feel free to call him Nick. What fictional character would you most likely be friends with?

Matt M: Sherlock Holmes.

Matt T: Ah, that’s a great one. I like that one. Good. What brings you the most joy?

Matt M: I think what brings me the most joy is when…I’d say if I meet someone and have a pleasant and ultimately unforgettable- well, forgettable encounter and then two weeks later I meet them again. And they’re just charmed and they remember everything that we have and it’s like “Oh!” That makes you smile and it make you remember them more.

Matt T: That’s good. Alright number seven. If you had to live as an animal for one year, which one would you choose?

Matt M: I would probably choose a gorilla. For one, they don’t eat people, like a lot of people think. And two, they’re usually very solitary. So they can actually go off by themselves and be…I could probably do my own thing. I’m not as much of an animal person.

Matt T: Alright, Excellent. What is the least amount of money you would accept to swallow a dead worm?

Matt M: The least amount of money I would accept. Well I did that as a child on a dare, so probably nothing!

Matt T: Oh I’m gonna go find a worm. (laughs) Oh, great. Alright, if money were no object, what outrageous luxury would you add to your house?

Matt M: Well first I would get a house. Because I don’t have one yet. But if I was going to get something like that, I would want a room with stained glass windows. Just all things stained glass, different colors. I could pick the design later, but it would have to be at least twelve (inaudible)

Matt T: Alright, good, let me– you faded a little bit there. Are we still connected?

Matt M: Yes.

Matt T: Okay, excellent. So this is again a very appropriate question as we enter the first day of fall today. What is your favorite season of the year and why?

Matt M: Well, I’m actually a huge fan of the Christmas season. Just..I know it’s not the exact answer, but for one, my birthday’s in that season. And for two, I just love how festive everything is. I don’t like the music, but I love like the festive atmosphere and everyone is all smiles. It’s one of my favorite things.

Matt T: Awesome. That’s my favorite time of the year as well. It’s not a season but it’s got winter and I like it all, so that’s great. Hey, Matt, you’ve been a real great sport. Again, thanks so much for being part of the team here at Pegasus. We look forward to spending many years with you. Thanks again, have a wonderful day!