Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Patrick Naegele

In this part of our Meet the Team series, where we get to know the staff of Pegasus Technologies better, CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews System Administrator Patrick Naegele. Below is the transcription from this interview.

Matthew Tucker: Alright. Hello everyone, and thanks again for joining us to meet the employee with the CEO. Today, I have Patrick with me. And Patrick with just looking, it’s almost 8 months now that you’ve been here. Does that sound about right?

Patrick Naegle: Yeah.

Matthew: It’s going pretty fast actually. When I looked, I was like “really?” So, as you just informed me, you have not seen any of the previous videos. So this is going to be a complete surprise for you. So what I’ll tell you is, you can’t hold me responsible for the questions, these were given to me and you’re just going to fight your way through them. But why don’t we start off by you just taking a minute to tell me a little bit about yourself or tell the audience a little bit about yourself?

Patrick: Yeah. My name is Patrick. I’m from Newark, Delaware. I’m 27 years old. I’ve always been drawn to IT, so it’s a great pleasure to work for an MSP. In my free time, I’m usually on a computer just like I am at work. So it’s pretty much my life.

Matthew: So work-life balance is pretty much the same.

Patrick: Yeah.

Matthew: Good. Well, thanks for putting your time in here. It’s been a pleasure having you, so we’re really happy to have you on board. You’re doing a great job, so thank you for that.

Alright, now we’re going to get into the fun part which is the questions. What’s the single best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Patrick: A best single piece of advice I’ve ever received, I would say just live for today. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday. Just keep moving forward because time doesn’t go in reverse.

Matthew: Good one. Alright. Friday night, would you rather stay in or go out?

Patrick: Stay in.

Matthew: Alright. Shark diving, bungee jumping, or skydiving? I don’t want to do any of those.

Patrick: I would say, probably, bungee jumping.

Matthew: Have you done any of those yet?

Patrick: No.

Matthew: Alright, yeah. Shark diving, I was all for it until I saw a video the other day of the shark actually getting into the cage with the diver. And I was like, I’m out. So what are three things you would bring with you to a deserted island.?

Patrick: See. Does the island have internet?

Matthew: I’m gonna go with, no.

Patrick: Alright. That’s interesting.

Matthew: Without the internet, you’re kind of done?

Patrick: Yeah, pretty much.

Matthew: Alright. How about one thing?

Patrick: One thing? I guess I’ll probably bring a guitar. You don’t need the internet for that.

Matthew: Yeah. That keeps you busy.

Patrick: Yep.

Matthew: Good. Alright. What was your biggest childhood fear?

Patrick: Probably, spiders.

Matthew: Still scared?

Patrick: No.

Matthew: Because Christine just found a big one in her trash can. So, she might need some assistance. Did you have a nickname when you grew up?

Patrick: Yes.

Matthew: What was it?

Patrick: When I was going through middle school, they called me a hippie.

Matthew: A hippie? And where did it come from?

Patrick: The long hair.

Matthew: Got it. Do you have any weird superstitions?

Patrick: No, actually, I don’t.

Matthew: None. Alright. Cool. If you could talk to one species of animals, what would it be?

Patrick: Probably, dogs.

Matthew: Yeah, there’s a lot of dogs out there so at least you won’t be bored. Would you rather have a personal chef or a maid?

Patrick: Chef.

Matthew: Yeah, definitely. Alright, last one. If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do with your time?

Patrick: Travel.

Matthew: Anyplace particularly, you want to go?

Patrick: Everywhere. Most of Western Europe and most of Eastern Asia.

Matthew: Yeah. Cool.

Patrick: Let’s see it all, all the different cultures.

Matthew: Two good spots. So you got to put that on your bucket list then. Well, that’s it, Patrick. I appreciate you being a good sport with it all. And again, thanks for your help here at Pegasus, really appreciate it. So, have a wonderful day!

Patrick: Alright, you too.

Matthew: Thanks.