Protect Yourself! The Best Ransomware Protection Tools & Tips For 2019

Most people don’t think a ransomware attack can hit them until it’s too late.

Recent reports show that ransomware attacks are on the rise, with criminals using smarter, more sophisticated methods of attack. What’s more, these criminals won’t let up anytime soon.

The overwhelming majority of businesses can’t afford to recover following a major security breach, so prevention is a necessity.

Keep reading to learn about the best ransomware protection and prevention methods, as well as advice on what to do if your company is the target of an attack.

Know Thy Enemy

It’s hard to protect yourself from a ransomware attack if you’re not clear on what it entails.

Ransomware is an offshoot of phishing, a practice in which scammers pose as someone else in an effort to gain access to your system or information. Often, these scammers pose as an authority figure or an individual from a trusted source.

For instance, Apple customers recently fell victim to a nasty scheme when cybercriminals emailed fake receipts. When victims clicked on the receipt to learn more about the false charge, users were taken to a fake website where they were asked to input their Apple ID. It was simple yet quite effective.

So how can you know who to trust? Reading this article is a great start.

Staying up to date and learning everything you can about cybercrime trends can help you avoid high-tech pitfalls like the Apple scam.

You and your team should engage in regular training to stay up to date, as well. It’s no longer effective to watch a PowerPoint presentation once a year — your team needs regular, up to date training every few months.

What to Do If You’re the Victim of Ransomware

Not only is a cyber attack disastrous for your company, but it can spell doom in the courtroom, as well.

Facebook is in the midst of a legal battle due to a breach which affected 50 million users. And if a company as large as Facebook can get hit by a data breach, so can your small business.

It’s so important to have a plan in place in case of a worst case scenario event to protect your data and prevent legal action from your clients.

Begin by backing up your data on a consistent basis. That way, even if your systems need to be wiped, you’ll still have access to your vital info. A cloud-based solution is a great way to instantly back up your data from almost any device.

Keeping software up to date is another simple form of prevention. Spending a few minutes updating your OS now can patch up major security flaws.

Partner With a Trusted Security Firm

Even with knowledge and training, you won’t be entirely protected. You have a job to do, after all, and can’t dedicate your days to monitoring cybercrimes.

That’s why partnering with a cybersecurity firm is such a vital component of any company’s security strategy.

A great partner will start with a cybersecurity audit to determine your business’ weak points. Together, you’ll then come up with a plan of action to keep your data safe.

Your Safety Matters: Get The Best Ransomware Protection

The best ransomware protection comes from a three-pronged attack.

Begin by educating yourself and your employees on a consistent, regular basis. Then, make sure you’re taking easy measures in-office to prevent breaches. Finally, make sure you have a partner who can keep your data secure.

Ransomware attacks can happen to anyone at any time. If you’re concerned about your company’s cybersecurity, get in touch today.