Small Business VPN: Do You Really Need One for Your Business?

More Americans are growing concerned over privacy issues every day. That’s why Virtual Private Network (VPN) use has grown 165% since last year.

Although many already know about the benefits of a VPN for individuals, what about for an organization? In fact, that’s where VPNs began – so employees in different locations could securely access and share sensitive company data.

A small business VPN is immensely useful in a world where data security is a top issue. Any size business needs to have the best technology to compete in today’s market. Poor cybersecurity can end up costing a small business so much that it can’t survive.

If you’re still debating whether you need a VPN for your small business, check out the information below.

Working Remotely

As previously stated, the origin of VPNs lies in the need for secure remote access to private servers. This is necessary for business with more than one location, businesses that plan to expand into multiple locations, or even for businesses who just have some employees that work remotely.

As you may be aware, the private servers that host your company data do so through physical bundles of wires. If you have employees in other locations, or working remotely, it’s not realistic to extend those wires to their physical location. Instead, you set up a small business VPN so they can access the private data without compromising your cybersecurity.

Wi-Fi Protection

To expand upon how much VPNs protect your data when your employees work remotely, consider public Wi-Fi. It’s almost guaranteed that at some point, an employee will access your sensitive data from a public Wi-Fi source like a coffee shop or a hotel. It’s in your company’s best interest to make sure every employee knows how to do this in the most secure way possible.

If a hacker is also on that public Wi-Fi network, they can easily steal your data. That is, unless your employee is connected to a VPN. The VPN creates an encrypted connection to your company’s servers that protects your information.

Access from Abroad

It’s not uncommon for employees to travel abroad and need to access your company’s servers, or complete some work-related tasks online. Unfortunately, this can be difficult from certain countries.

With a VPN, however, it’s easy to spoof your location. This means that the service can create a country-specific IP address for the user, allowing that user’s computer to be recognized as it would in that country.

Some people use this feature to watch Netflix shows that are only available in certain countries. For a small business, there a many other, more practical applications.

Small Business VPN

Although small businesses don’t rake in as much cash as huge corporations, they are still targets for cybercrime. In fact, 43% of all cyber attacks specifically single out small businesses.

Unlike large-scale corporations, many small businesses fail to recover from cyber attacks. This means that cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of a small business’s health. This is why getting a small business VPN is never a bad idea.

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